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Iranians: Not Pining for American Intervention

Some seem to think they can’t wait for us to overthrow their government. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Five Greatest U.S. Foreign Policy Presidents

Endeavoring to balance power with realism and restraint.

Five Worst Foreign Policy Presidents in American History

War for wrong or deceptive reasons led to much greater violence across the globe.

Grain of Truth in Trump’s Foreign Policy Worldview

Message was mixed, but the sovereignty part was promising.

Five U.S. States That Never Made the Map

Amid calls for new states and secession, a look at missed opportunities.

Hindu-Americans Don’t Vote Republican

American conservatism can be a turn-off.

Will Iran Turn Back Toward the Revolution?

Today’s election is a pivotal moment for the Islamic Republic.

Geeks, Nerdoms, and Politics

Does being a nerd make you liberal or conservative?

Napoleon Died Today

His impact on the course of world history cannot be overstated.

France Still Matters

Whatever the results of the coming election, it will remain a geopolitical player for years to come.

Should We Talk to the Taliban?

The solution in Afghanistan is a political settlement.

Today’s Foreign-Affairs Roundup

News and commentary from around the web.

The Bitter Fruits of Wilsonianism

There is an alternative to democracy promotion—and it’s not isolationism.

Today’s Foreign Affairs Roundup

News you can use for Thursday, March 30.

Daily Foreign Affairs Roundup

Today’s must-reads from around the web.

Conservatives for Government?

The idea that government is evil is a strange notion by historical conservative standards.

Today’s Essential Foreign Affairs Reads

A daily roundup of news.

Today’s Essential Foreign Affairs Reads

A daily roundup of foreign affairs news for Monday, March 27.

From Vision to Reality

The new U.S. Diplomacy Center opens in Foggy Bottom.

Spengler vs. Evola

The two thinkers, recently in the news thanks to Steve Bannon, had different views on human nature.

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