TAC executive editor Pratik Chougule appeared on the Fearless Parent Radio Blog to discuss in more detail his article from last week, “Why the Kennedy-DeNiro Vaccine Challenge Matters.” Full audio of his interview is available at the link below.

“Is it a good idea to convene a presidential vaccine safety commission? We just finished reading a cogent, probing, and well-researched article: “Why the Kennedy-DeNiro Vaccine Challenge Matters” whose author says, ‘Yes.’

“Pratik Chougule, JD, executive editor of The American Conservative, eschews the usual trashing of advocates who challenge the government’s vaccine safety program. Curious about this compelling voice emerging from the fray of naysayers, we were eager to hear more from Pratik. Some the questions we’ll address include:

  • What are the historical origins of the American vaccine safety movement?
  • Why are vaccine safety advocates dismissed in the mainstream press?
  • How did Trump become interested in the vaccine/autism issue?
  • What factors will influence Trump’s decision to tackle the vaccine issue?
  • What political impact will a vaccine safety commission make?”

Listen to the audio at Fearless Parent.