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The Decline of Candor

As some of you may remember, I got into a spot of bother a few months back, namely over the shooting of two black girls in Birmingham, England, by black thugs whom I referred to as sons of black thugs and grandsons of black thugs. I wrote this in the London Spectator, and all hell broke loose.
An investigation was triggered by a complaint from Peter Herbert, a black lawyer and member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, the name the London fuzz goes by. In not so Merry Olde England, a busybody like Mr. Herbert can be both a practicing lawyer as well as a member of the police force. What got his Irish up was the following sentence: “Only a moron would not surmise that what politically correct newspapers refer to as disaffected young people are mostly black thugs. …”
Six months later, Scotland Yard decided that I had not incited racial hatred, and thereby did not break the Public Order Act, for which I could have received two years in the pokey. Hooray! Herbert, in the meantime, has cried foul and is threatening further legal action. (An obviously racist decision by Scotland Yard.) What is amazing is that so much time and money have been spent by the authorities over my depiction of the perpetrators, rather than trying to bring the offenders to justice. (All eyewitnesses agreed that everyone involved in the gunfight was black.) In the meantime, the crime remains unsolved.
This is par for the course, at least in Europe, especially with black-on-black crime where witnesses are too intimidated to come forward, and the fuzz refuses to investigate the usual suspects for fear of being brought up to the Yard’s Diversity Directorate.
What I found surprising in my case was how the newspapers gloated that I might end up in jail for being politically incorrect. One would have thought the contrary, but the PC spirit of permanent inquisition has infected all walks of life, including the electronic media and the press.
Just as Scotland Yard was giving me a clean bill of health, yet another horrendous crime took place in London, this time involving a girl of just seven. (The two Birmingham victims were teenagers.) Two Jamaican heavies murdered a Jamaican drug dealer in his house, and as his daughter ran away screaming, they gunned her down from behind. I was in London at the time and sat down to write about the open-door policy the United Kingdom practices with Jamaica. Then I had second thoughts. Toni-Ann’s father may have been a convicted crack dealer with connections to Yardie gangs (Jamaican thugs working out of the UK), but the fact that they were Afro-Caribbeans was bound to get me into trouble. So I did the cowardly thing and wrote about a society wedding. See what the PC Gestapo does? When in doubt, one writes about weddings rather than a murder of a seven-year-old.
Although matters are not as bad over this side of the pond, I am convinced that Euro-cowardice will eventually infect the powers that be over here. Racism is a loaded and fraudulent word, convenient for race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to shake down people and corporations.
Theirs is a growth industry. It is undeniable that Latino gangs are a result of an immigration policy gone haywire. As their numbers increase, they are replacing older black neighborhoods, but unlike the casual crime that went on in poor black areas, the Latino gangs play for keeps. They are extremely violent and are keen to expand their criminal operations. I predict great battles over turf and drugs, just as I predict total radio silence by the media as to the reasons that crime is on the rise.
And speaking of reasons why, the egregious Ted Kennedy, who sponsored the most destructive bill ever—the immigration bill of 1965 that made it more difficult for Europeans to immigrate to America and far easier for those from the Third World to come in—has gone on record praising Al Sharpton for having brought “more energy, a new insight in the issues facing the country … and for educating America about what this country is really about and what its future should be. …”Really? Kennedy must be back on the sauce, or in the politically correct mode that is de rigueur among Washington insiders nowadays. Sharpton is a clown who has played the system for all it’s worth and would have done time if it weren’t for the color of his skin. Shame on Kennedy and shame on the Democratic candidates for standing on the same stage with him.
People like Kennedy make things worse. PC enforcers are doing more harm to race relations than Governor Wallace ever did, but I’ll get to that on another day.
November 3, 2003 issue
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