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Take Our 2019 Reader Survey

We at The American Conservative seek to advance a “Main Street” conservatism–one that, as our founding editors wrote in 2002, is “rooted in man’s taste for the familiar, for family, for faith in God.” This conservative disposition drives our efforts to promote strong families and communities, a vibrant, humane economy, and a realistic, restrained foreign policy. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to reach record numbers of readers with our message of principled, measured conservatism in this pivotal time for our country.

As we move forward into 2020, we’re eager to learn more about our readers so we can continue to cover the issues you find most important. We’re looking for truthful answers to in-depth questions: Why do you read us? How do you feel about the Trump presidency so far? What are your thoughts on immigration? Foreign policy? Trade? Impeachment? Take our 2019 readers survey here, and help us reshape the Right!

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