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Set the Agenda for Conservatism’s Next Generation

Dear readers of The American Conservative:

My name is Catherine Addington, and I am the current holder of the Utley Editorial Fellowship here at TAC. Before that, I was an intern, and before that, an enthusiastic reader like yourself. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to experience just about every corner of TAC operations, from getting trained in layout and design to working on our annual foreign-policy conference and even writing [1] from time to time. But by far the greatest privilege of working here has been the chance to get to know you, our readers and supporters.

I’ve gotten to meet you at our events in D.C., take your calls here at the editorial offices, and read your many thoughtful letters to the editor. You’ve made one thing abundantly clear: you’re passionate about TAC‘s ideas, and even—dare I say it?—optimistic. In a year where the general mood seems to be one of doom and gloom everywhere else, TAC readers are excited.

Here are some of the things you’re excited about:

Whether you met us talking new urbanism in Dallas [7], celebrating Walker Percy in Louisiana [8], or reimagining foreign policy here in D.C. [9], you’ve told us time and time again that you’re looking forward to what we have in store next. We’d like to invite you to be a part of shaping that future by becoming a member of TAC [10].

Members of TAC receive a free print subscription to the magazine—and if you’re already a subscriber, we’ll extend your subscription for a year. You’ll also receive our email newsletters, exclusive member updates, invitations to events and meet-ups around the country, and more [10], all by donating a mere $60 or more [10]. And just $500 per year [11] makes you a member of the TAC Publisher’s Club [11], a donor circle which enjoys access to our staff and complimentary early previews of the magazine, among other perks.

All the while, you’ll have the satisfaction of investing in the future of TAC in the most literal sense. Your support helps our internship program flourish, and it makes fellowships like mine possible. Because of you, TAC is able to set the agenda for conservatism’s next generation. And if there was ever an opportune moment to invest in a brighter future for conservatism, it’s now.

Thanks for all of your support—and your enthusiasm along the way.

Catherine Addington
Editorial Fellow
The American Conservative