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Micah Mattix is New Literary Editor of The American Conservative

Introducing, Micah Mattix!

It is my pleasure to announce that Micah Mattix has returned to The American Conservative to serve as our literary editor. We will once again host his excellent and highly respected Prufrock newsletter on books, ideas and the arts. Micah will also work with the TAC team to ensure our cultural coverage remains strong, helping the Arts & Letters section reach new heights, and will write for our website and print magazine.

An associate professor of English at Regent University, Micah will be familiar to longtime TAC readers for his defense of the Great Books and searing critique of surrealism, among many other topics he has addressed. Prufrock has been praised as must-reading by smart thinkers ranging from New York Times columnist Ross Douthat to Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie. Micah’s writings have appeared in places as varied as The Wall Street Journal, First Things and The Weekly Standard.

Now more than ever we need to think beyond politics to find the intellectually enriching and aesthetically pleasing. “Politics is downstream from culture” has become as popular a phrase among conservatives as “ideas have consequences.” For Micah, these are not just cliches. We are beyond thrilled to welcome him back.

See his returning post here. 

W. James Antle III is editor of The American Conservative.

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