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Front Porch Republic Takes (Upstate) New York

Our friends at Front Porch Republic will be hosting their fifth annual conference, “Sustainable Localism: Sages, Prophets, and Jesters”, this weekend in Geneseo, New York. TAC‘s own Jeremy Beer will be speaking on Booth Tarkington, while panels are held on sustainable localism, Christopher Lasch, and more. New Urbanism icon James Howard Kunstler will deliver the keynote address. Expect Bill Kauffman to have plenty of appreciation for his backyard to pass around.

Here’s the schedule. Interested potential attendees can register here.

Panel 1:  Prophets, Sages, and Jesters of Sustainable Localism 

Chair:  Mark Mitchell

Jason Peters:  “The Holy Earth and Liberty Hyde Bailey’s Front Porch Cred”

Jeff Polet:  “Laudato Si and Localism”

Jeremy Beer: “Life on Both Sides of the Tracks in Indianapolis: The Non-Intersecting Lives of Booth Tarkington and Oscar Charleston”

Panel 2:    The Life, Thought, and Legacy of Christopher Lasch

Chair:  Russell Arben Fox

Eric Miller   “Putting the Porch in Its Place: Christopher Lasch’s Republican Hope”

Robert Westbrook:  “Death and Dying in a Front Porch Republic”

Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn: “At Home with Nostalgia and the Gravity of Sentiment”


Lunch:  College Union Patio or Ballroom


Keynote:  James Howard Kunstler “Looking for Sustainability in All the Wrong Places”


Panel 3:  Urban Design:  Buffalo As Representative City

Chair:   Jennifer Rogalsky

Catherine Tumber:  “Provincial Cities and Spatial Democracy in the Age of Global Warming”

Tim Tielman: Paleo-urban Principles for the Modern Town”

Panel 4:   In God’s Country

Chair:  Michael Sauter

Bill Kauffman: “Pat and Barber:  An Education in Place and Politics”

Abbot Gerard D’Souza:  “Monastic Stability: In One Place with God and the Brethren”

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