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Don’t Fear the Modi: Hinduism Makes India Great

India, soon to be the world’s most populous country, has been booming economically, while also trying to tackle other problems, especially grinding poverty. The country is bewilderingly complex, home to thousands of religions, castes, ethnicities, languages, and cultures that somehow manage to interact with each other through a complicated and messy political and social system.

Yet ever since the Hindu right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, came to power in 2014, the dominant media narrative in the United States has focused on the dangers of Hindu nationalism and the alleged plight of minorities, especially Muslims and Christians. As India awaits the results of its 2019 national elections (most exit polls currently predict [1] a big win for Modi and the BJP), a plethora of articles have appeared in the American press [2] arguing that India is at a dangerous crossroads. These pieces say the BJP must be defeated for India to survive and be “great,” as Doug Bandow argued [3] at The American Conservative. Reading Bandow, one gets the impression that India is a hellhole with no freedoms, populated by bigoted Hindu mobs braying for blood. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply put, most Westerners do not know much about India and should avoid falling prey to simplistic caricatures.

While there are many problems with the BJP’s ideology and policies, it should nonetheless be given credit for the enormous economic improvements [4] it’s made. Yet this story is almost always sidelined in favor of warnings about alleged religious intolerance in India. It bristles to read of the unidimensional manner in which the Western press portrays India and Hinduism. Because of the pantheistic nature of their religion, Hindus believe that the divine (or “God”) can take on many forms and approach in various ways. This openness is the basis of India’s greatness and freedom. Religious groups persecuted elsewhere, from Tibetan Buddhists to Persian Zoroastrians, have throughout history found a safe haven in India. Of course, Muslim and European empires have given much to India, especially cuisine, architecture, and administration. But these have ultimately been integrated into the country’s 5,000-year-old civilization.

Nevertheless, Western media often take a reductionist view of India based on a few narratives available to them in English. These narratives are not necessarily factually inaccurate, but they frame issues in alarmist ways. For example, a recent article [5] in Al Jazeera posits that the title of a new Bollywood movie, Kesari—meaning “saffron”—is evidence of rising Hindu bigotry because the “colour [is] associated with the ruling party and the right wing in India.” Never mind that the flag of India, designed by the left-leaning Congress Party, contains saffron, in homage to the robes of ancient sages. Saffron is also a traditional color [6] of Sikhism: the movie Kesari is actually about a last-stand battle between 21 Sikh soldiers and 10,000 Afghans.


India is also not on the brink of a genocide. Mobs are not running rampant lynching people. The idea that the rise of the Hindu right has led to Jim Crow-like conditions against Indian minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, is not borne out by the evidence. It is true that life in rural India is in many ways pre-modern and often characterized by private violence, some of which has a communal angle. But there are no formal, legal barriers to minority rights, just social ones.

Of course, attacks against minorities should be absolutely forbidden, and the perpetrators punished. But it is important to keep in mind how relatively minor these incidents are in proportion to India’s population. Only 28 people [7] were killed in vigilante attacks against Muslims between 2010 and 2017. According [8] to a data analysis, the nature of crimes between Hindus and Muslims has also been frequently misinterpreted in the name of sensationalism: “Muslim crimes against Hindus were simply ignored, or not counted as hate crimes. Conversely, Hindu crimes against Muslims for non-religious reasons were counted as hate-crimes.” In addition, Hindus in the majority Muslim state of Jammu and Kashmir have essentially been cleansed by Pakistani-sponsored militants. In Pakistan, the remnants of the Hindu population are subject to constant humiliations and persecutions, such as girls being kidnapped [9] and forcibly married to older Muslim men.

The distortion of what’s really happening in India is enormous. It would be as though Asian media framed events at Charlottesville and Ferguson as proof that the United States was being run by white mobs. While some level of bias against minorities exists in both the U.S. and India, and there are sporadic episodes of violence, most minorities go about their daily lives normally.

There is no denying that many Hindus, regardless of their political affiliations, are deeply anti-Muslim, which probably leads to a systemic bias in some areas. But other minorities are much better off. In fact, BJP-allied governments serve in all three of India’s majority Christian states, and there are almost no communal problems involving minorities that aren’t Muslim.

The answer to the problem of bias against Muslims isn’t to separate them from Hindus. Yet some of this ghettoization of Indian Muslims is self-imposed. Muslim community leaders in India have not pushed for liberal and modern values. Rather they have demanded special laws [10] that allow their communities to retain a separate legal system, including the right of a man to take four wives and to instantly divorce a wife by uttering the Arabic word talaq three times. Hindus, meanwhile, are governed by a more modern civil law code that was passed over opposition by more traditional Hindus. The push for a common law for all Indians should be seen as a push for Enlightenment values.

Finally, there is the question of caste. Yes, the traditionally “lower” castes have historically faced discrimination. They’ve also been the target of Christian proselytizing, and there is some problematic anti-proselytizing sentiment among politicians in India. Yet since traditional Hinduism encountered European value systems, interpretations have been put forward that are emphatically anti-caste, at least in the hereditary sense. No major political party or intellectual group in India advocates hereditary caste. While caste persists socially, especially in rural areas, and is taken advantage of politically, there is no institutionalization of it. The breakdown of caste is ultimately the goal of the Hindu right, because it wants to form a united Hindu society.

The “lower” castes for the most part have never sought to leave Hinduism for Christianity or any other religion, despite the emergence of a neo-Buddhist movement associated with this demographic. The civil rights movement in the United States did not seek to radically overturn the political system or undermine its premises; rather, it wanted to extend its benefits and rights to all. Similarly in India, the spread of European Enlightenment ideas have led not to the replacement of Indian religions and culture with Western ones, but to reformist ideas within the Indian religious context. At the elite level, British-educated Indian intellectuals have sought out universal, pan-Indian ideas that transcend old ways of thinking. Hinduism has evolved and changed in many ways over the past two centuries as a result of contact with the West, while remaining true to much of its philosophy.

Meanwhile, women, untouchables (Dalits), and other groups that have faced discrimination in traditional Hindu society have organized in order to make Hinduism work for them. For example, during the early 20th century, Dalits in today’s state of Kerala led and won a temple entry movement [11], gaining access to sanctums traditionally open only to higher castes. They did this because they wanted to be accepted within their cultural-philosophical tradition, rather than convert to Christianity.  

There is no doubt that India is in a ferment, and that relations between its various ethnic and religious groups are changing. Unlike in many European countries, India’s many minorities, including Muslims and Christians, are natives, genetically and culturally, descendants of converts to those religions. They are just as Indian as followers of Indian-origin religions. Reconciling this with the genuine desire of the Hindu majority for recognition is a task that will require compromise and a halfway meeting point. India, like most countries in the world, is not as post-modern and post-identitarian as globalized elites would like to believe.

Akhilesh Pillalamarri is an international relations writer and analyst of Indian history, culture, and politics. Follow him at Twitter @AkhiPill [12].

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75 Comments To "Don’t Fear the Modi: Hinduism Makes India Great"

#1 Comment By hooly On May 24, 2019 @ 2:06 pm

@Dinesh Samson,

Oh please Dinesh, give it a rest! Everything you’ve cited attacking India and Hindus is countless times worse for your beloved Western civilization.

You accuse pre-colonial peoples of human sacrifice? That’s rich considering the religion of Christianity is based on a human sacrifice on the cross and that papist priests perform rituals involving the drinking of literal human blood and eating of human flesh. And weren’t the European colonials, after they committed genocide against the Native Americans, performing human sacrifice by burning witches in Puritan Massachusetts and lynching Blacks in the Jim Crow South??

And spare me the double standard regarding emigration from India. If the British hadn’t ruined India through centuries of colonialism and the Partition, generations of Indians wouldn’t need to emigrate from the desolation left behind by the rapacious Colonial British. If you can disparage Indian emigrants, can I disparage the likes of Donald Trump’s grandfather who emigrated from Germany? Does that mean 19th century Europe was an inferior civilization because grandpa Trump ‘fled’ his motherland??

It’s obvious Dinesh you have no love for India, or Hinduism, it’s obvious you’re no son of Bharat, you betray a self hatred and psychological sickness … belonging no where, believing in nothing. Pathetic.

#2 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 24, 2019 @ 6:45 pm

Defenders of this history revisionism, such as Janwaar Bibi here in this post, have finally showed their true colors… extolling paganism and human cruelty! Dinesh Samson

Paganism is a code word for polytheism. The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hindus and even the early Hebrews were pagans. They created remarkable civilizations.

Like one of the honorable commentators noted, if India is such a great place, why are Indians — mostly hindus — fleeing their motherland?

Good, I can play this game too – if Christianity is such a great religion, why are so many people in the US and Europe abandoning Christianity?

The great churches of Europe are empty even on Sundays and the only contact that most Europeans have with the church is when they are born and when they die. Even in the US, Christianity is fading out, as Rod Dreher keeps telling us. In the old days, clothes discarded by Americans used to be recycled and sold as new in third world countries like Mexico. Now that the West is discarding Christianity, they are recycling it for gullible fellows like you in Africa and India.

If you want to believe in virgin births, holy ghosts, people rising from the dead, lepers getting cured by magic touch, loaves and fishes being created out of nothing, and dudes walking on water, and you want to drink wine that turns miraculously into blood and consume bread that turns miraculously into human flesh every Sunday, be my guest. But then don’t turn around and tell other people their beliefs are nonsensical or stupid.

If you want to believe that only your precious cult has a covenant with god, and that only your precious “cultees” have been Chosen to enter Heaven and that everyone else will rot in Hell Forever, I really couldn’t care less. But then don’t run around the world squealing about intolerance of other people.

#3 Comment By Beth R. Zillow On May 24, 2019 @ 8:13 pm

“Hooly’s” irate — and ludicrous — rebuttal is proof positive of how dumb the average India-lover is.

Indeed, this unhooly pagan lover cum caste-apologist cites no data to disprove the reality (and links) cited to illustrate what a failed-state and inhumane society Hindustan toady is.

This veritable pagan-lover cites Trump’s grandfather’s 150-year-plus immigration as “proof” that Indians fleeing Hindustan today (hundred-fold, btw) are not really fleeing a sick society.

Similarly this logic (and truth) lacking hooly guru equates capital punishment as “human sacrifice.” How illiterate of even a pagan! Ditto for his/her equating the racist lynching of the bygone era with also “human sacrifice.” And he/she obviously hasn’t entered a non-pagan church — thus the again unschooled assertion that the Offertory is literal “human sacrifice.”

And how cum every colony still under the British “imperialism” (from the majority-black Virgin Islands, to recent-Hong KOng, to even the Ferench and Dutch “occupied territories” are affluent and clean societies, while “liberated” and World’s largest democracy” is drowning in fecal saturated Ganges Rivers?


Ok, one can go on with this unhooly nonsense, but why dignify further ignoramuses?

#4 Comment By H.M. Brough On May 25, 2019 @ 5:56 am

“All 3 tell a story of increasingly fear, intimidation, and pressure against the Christian faith.”

I don’t doubt this is happening…but if the magnitude and frequency of these events were as severe as Brian portrays, one would expect travel advisories against missionaries going to India, rather than people planning and executing grand soul harvests.

#5 Comment By DDA On May 25, 2019 @ 12:07 pm

I am a son of Bharat, I love my country and I’m proud of our Hindu heritage.

I also love my Christian faith and my Indian Christian community: We serve in the army, pay taxes, work hard, love India, are patriotic. Please stop maligning us because of Brits or others, my Christian grandfathers resisted them.

Christianity is ancient and diverse: “the Christians” are not all British colonialists, but also British anti-colonialists, Egyptian Copts, Black Ethiopians, Koreans, black Gospel singers in America, white librarians in Russia, and members of many different communities across the globe. The Christian community of India was there for 2000 years, is deeply Indian, loves India and think, talk and live differently from British colonialists. To hate, and marginalize all Christians collectively for something done by British colonialists (some of whom, by the way, were secularists or nominal about faith) is incredibly low and ignorant. While evil things have been done by self-serving individuals from all religions, it is also true that Christians were active in abolishing slavery in the US, feeding the hungry, building orphanages, etc.

We do not worship a desert monster, we do not literally consume human blood/flesh, we are not obsessed with serpents and sin. This is oversimplification of an ancient, refined and internally diverse faith.

God bless India, and our one Indian Nation. From a proud Indian and a committed Christian.

#6 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 25, 2019 @ 2:44 pm

To hate, and marginalize all Christians collectively for something done by British colonialists (some of whom, by the way, were secularists or nominal about faith) is incredibly low and ignorant.

I agree with that but let me say this.

In Germany, the government is trying to create a “German Islam” because the Islam of Saudi Arabia and Turkey is incompatible with German values. They have opened schools to educate imams, and they are reducing funding of mosques from foreign fanatics in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

We need to do something similar in India. We need to create a dharmic version of Christianity and Islam that is better suited for our country than the fanatical jihadi and crusader cults that are being imported from other countries.

Although dharmic religions are incredibly diverse, range from polytheistic (Hinduism) to monotheistic (Sikhism) and atheistic (Charvaka and possibly Buddhism), and worship different gods, there has been remarkably little religious conflict between these religions because people respect other religions. It was not uncommon in the old days for Hindu and Buddhist scholars to have debates, and the loser would agree to convert to the other religion – no stoning to death for apostasy, no head-chopping for blasphemy, no dire threats about how the other guy’s soul will be doomed to Rot in Hell Forever.

One example of this is that Hindu and Sikh politicians routinely visit churches and mosques as outreach to other communities. They host iftar parties, wear skull caps during visits to mosques, cover their heads when they visited gurudwaras and celebrate Christmas. Muslim politicians rarely reciprocate these gestures since it would place “infidels and idolaters” on the same level as their death cult.

Now this disease has infected Christians. In the last elections in Mizoram, the Christian chief minister of the state visited a Hindu temple as a gesture of respect to his Hindu constituents. His opponent, who was also Christian, denounced this as Satan worship and idolatry, and accused the CM of betraying Christ by visiting a Hindu temple.


A few years ago, a leading politician in the Muslim party MIM (Akbaruddin Owaisi) made a speech in which mocked Hindus and Hindu gods, and said that if the army and police stood aside for a few hours, the 200 million Muslims in India would “finish off” Hindus just as Muslims had done in Pakistan.


The 1 billion Hindus in India put up with this Abrahamic fanaticism, and our reward is that Am Con publishes articles accusing us of intolerance!

We already have 200 million Islamic death cult members. We don’t really need 100 million Christian fanatics showering us with spittle about idolatry and devil worship, and we need to act before this cancer spreads.

Ban foreign money and jihadis and crusaders, require Islam and Christianity in India to respect other faiths (and each other!), and ban conversion drives that have made soul harvesting into a commercial activity. If Germany can insist on a Germanic Islam, we can insist on a dharmic Islam and Christianity.

The west will take a few minutes off from licking the rear-ends of Saudi Arabia and Israel – their great tolerant pals that they have such loving relationships with – to give us lectures on intolerance. No one cares about their lectures anymore and we should not either. We should do what countries as diverse as China, Myanmar, Israel and Germany are doing – take action in the interest of our people. It’s OK if it doesn’t play well in Peoria.

#7 Comment By Joel Feinberg On May 25, 2019 @ 2:50 pm

It is kinda sad that the once respected Janwaar Bibi is now resorting groping for?) to illogical rebuts: She responds to the reader’s noting that “people are fleeing INDIA by the millions” by rebutting “Then why are Christians fleeing Christianity…and empty churches?”

Even a 5th-grade student (even from India!) will behold Bibi’s desperate ill-logic — Christians are not fleeing Christian NATIONS that are hyped as “successful;” they are fleeing watered-down churches!

Similarly, I think a 3rd-grader will rebut MS. Bibi by pointing out that her ill-informed criticisms of Christain liturgical practices and beliefs pale in comparison to the physical abuse that Hinduism still perpetuates! She can’t defend the 330 million hindu souls condemned by hindu theology as “paying the (re-incarnated) penalty for their past sins.” I’ll take the criticized but harmless “purgatory” anytime over the here and now caste abuses! And the “virgin birth” over paying homage by eating the holy scraps from rats and monkeys in the gilded temples:


Won’t you too?

And even the atheist in me will prefer to dignify one man walking in non-fecal waters (unlike the Holy Ganges!) to 360 million gods, with 8 arms, or a goddess with the trunk of an elephant. [17]

Ain’t this the real elephant in the room here?

#8 Comment By cka2nd On May 25, 2019 @ 3:08 pm

Reading this comments thread makes me happy to be a Marxist and an atheist, especially one who recognizes the crimes committed by some Marxists and atheists over the years, not to mention the stupidity spewed by some Marxists and atheists today.

Kudos to DDA for his or her quite reasonable comment.

#9 Comment By SVD On May 25, 2019 @ 5:12 pm

In his latest speech, he said “Vote bank politics has created imaginary fear and mistrust among minorities over the year, we need to regain this trust”
So he added “sabka vishwas” to his mantra, “sabka saath, sabka vikas”
which means “Everyone’s development together, with everyone’s trust”.
I told you all, he is too smart, he will take care of everyone.
He will make everyone in the world feel like “we should have a leader like Modi”

#10 Comment By Winston On May 25, 2019 @ 5:29 pm

Hindutva and Hinduism are not the same. RSS was inspired by Hitler, who was inspired by the the US’s south’s racial policies. Americans can understand what that means. There is a reason why the south remains poor. Confederacy (aka racial superiority) was a con:


The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is.

#11 Comment By Winston On May 25, 2019 @ 6:14 pm

RSS and Modi are a hoz on Hindus where: [19] 90% Of Jobs Created Over Two Decades Post-Liberalisation Were Informal

#12 Comment By Richard Wagner On May 25, 2019 @ 6:27 pm

“This is right – there were Christians in India long before there were any in England.” Janwaar Bibi

You’re half right! Many forget that the Apostle Thomas brought Christianity to India, and to this day, the Oriental Orthodox Church of India is the successor of Thomas. (As Thomas is my favorite Apostle, I would love to visit the O.O. Church of India some day.)

However, you’re wrong about England. First, the land wasn’t called England at the time. But Christianity has been on the island of Britain for about as long as India. It wasn’t an apostle this time, but Joseph of Arimethea, who gave Christ a Jewish burial, did bring the faith to England. It wasn’t very organized at first, and as he was not an apostle, it is unlikely that there was a proper episcopate there, as there was in India. But there were people who believed in Christ.

#13 Comment By Rajesh Kumar On May 25, 2019 @ 7:42 pm

In other article the author was complaining about how the American right doesn’t appeal to Hindus, here he’s whitewashing actual problems with hindutva in such a simplistic manner that anyone acquainted with the country can see it.
Might I ask why he doesn’t live in his hindu state, instead?

#14 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 25, 2019 @ 7:53 pm

Indeed, this unhooly pagan lover cum caste-apologist cites no data to disprove the reality (and links) cited to illustrate what a failed-state and inhumane society Hindustan toady [sic] is. Beth Zillow

In the great Bengal famine of 1942-43, just 4 years before independence, some 3 million Indians were starved to death by British indifference. When Churchill was asked to send famine relief to alleviate the suffering, he refused, saying “I hate Indians – they are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” That famine was just one in a long line of famines during British rule. In some of those famines, a third of the population in the famine-stricken areas died of starvation. You can read a fairly balanced account here:


After independence in 1947, these famines “stopped like clockwork” as Amartya Sen wrote.

Before the British came, something like 15-20% of the world’s industrial output was generated by India. By the time they left, it was down to about 1%. They saw India as a source of raw materials for their factories in England, and as a captive market for their manufactured goods, and if our people died of unemployment and starvation, that was our punishment for paganism. Today, India’s growth rate is the highest in the world, and we have the third largest GDP by purchasing power parity.


I could go on but if this is what failure looks like, I’ll take it over what we had under British rule.

And how cum [sic] every colony still under the British “imperialism” (from the majority-black Virgin Islands, to recent-Hong KOng, to even the Ferench [sic] and Dutch “occupied territories” are affluent and clean societies, while “liberated” and World’s largest democracy” is drowning in fecal saturated Ganges Rivers?

Public hygiene in India is disgraceful even by the third world standards. The BJP government and Modi have made cleaning up India a priority under the “Swachh Bharat” mission. You can find links for this program and analyses of progress on-line. Here is one:


Your name is not Beth Zillow. From your bad English and poor spelling, I am guessing your name is Mohammed and you are from Pakistan. Thanks for playing.

#15 Comment By Winston On May 25, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

Jayant Bhandari has a more jaundiced view: [23]
The Decline of India

#16 Comment By No Nirvana On May 27, 2019 @ 2:14 am

It is unsettling to now read this Janwaar Bibi’s rants — sans any academic soundness. Over the years, Bibi has well articulated the hideous regimes of our GWB as well as so many soaring flaws of Americana in general. But…

in its rabid defense of Hinduism, Bibi has compromised not only her/his patriotic objectivity but also thrown the academic baby out with the clarion bath water. For example in Bibi’s rebuttal to one of the readers’ contentions that “modern” India is a failed state, Bibi quotes Churchill as spewing anti-Indian venom — but cites “wikipedia” as her source! Conversely,she sweeps under the rug her revered guru’s documented racism as including the “Great Mahatama” penning, African Blacks were non-educable “heathens & savages” and thus “We believe also that the white race in South Africa should be the predominating race.,,”

This was in the great Hindu Gandhi’s own handwritings — as pointed out by intrepid HINDU professors, in today’s Africa (They wouldn’t survive Modi’s lynch-mobs in Hindustan). And unlike Bibi’s sole wikipedia sources, this hindu racism is published in the Wash Post, BBC, and other reliable media;

Similarly, Bibi cannot refute the “India as Rape Capital of the World” stat cited by another reader; after all the Holy Mahatama himself was a pedophile having enjoyed sleeping naked with his grand-niece and writing about the “enjoyment his thing experienced.” see: [25]

Uh, the above source is NOT the dubious “wikipedia…”

Then we have Bibi again citing (you guessed it) wikipedia in claiming that the British killed 2.4 million Indians during the WW ll era. Er, killed during the war years? Wouldn’t the British have more use for these Indians to fight Hitler? But wait, hindus use the swastika as their sacred crucifix, no? Hmmm…

Conversely, the non-wikipedia media such as the CDC report that 2.4 million Indian souls die, every year, due to fecal matter polluting their food. This 2019 report was 4 years after the PM Modi’s claim about “cleaning up the Dirty Waters!”

But wait, Indian PM (leaders) drink Urine as their daily “health” regimen — and recommend the world (as in a “60 Minutes” segment)do the same!

Bibi’s also shrewd canard that Modi “promised” toilets for every Indian contradicts the myriad reports documenting that “61% of Indians still prefer to defecate outdoors — with most using their Modi toilets to instead house goats, cattle and grain.
The non-wiki wicked source: [27]

Janwar Bibi praises the genocidal Modi for uplifting Indians — hoping that most readers will have missed the published data showing that last year India was the ONLY NATION IN THE WORLD TO HAVE EXPERIENCED A NET LOSS OF (11 million) JOBS!
There are 194 million sites documenting this hideous reality: [28]..8325…0.0..0.98.301.4……0….1..gws-wiz.Eeq6TaDhCZE

But hey, like the also brave hindu writer in the NY Times penned a day after Modi’s re-election, “Notwithstanding 100 million Indians on the verge of rioting in the job-loss aftermath, Voters interviewed said that notwithstanding their economic strife, they were confident in Modi making India a great Hindu state again!”

Pity those dumb hindus who fail to realize that even their most “modern” city Mumbai saw an increase of 17 people killed everyday while falling off commuter trains — up form 11 a day, pre-Modi!

But hey, these poor railed souls are on track to soon be ,reincarnated as upper-class Brahmins who can then squish the cockroaches that they believe were the Christians or westerners in the last life…

#17 Comment By Ali On May 27, 2019 @ 5:05 am

@Janwaar Bibi
Creating a Dharmic Version of Christianity and Islam is not going to be easy, especially considering that The Islamic catechism is there is no God but God and Christians also believe the same thing,, here oh Israel the lord thy God the Lord is one.
And considering that there are so many Muslims and Christians in India in the first place, maybe not everyone is as down with the Dahrmic program as you are, especially since in previous incarnations it’s included things like the caste system.
I think you’ve mentioned previously that you are not particularly religious, and this clearly shows when you mention that Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Christmas in India, the whole point of Christmas is that it is the celebration of Jesus Christ as the son of God, if hindus and sikhs don’t believe that then whatever they’re celebrating is not Christmas, it’s some commercialised capitalistic western import.
But perhaps the West should also engineer its own version of Hinduism, one with less gods since polytheism and certainly goes against the Christian values of most of the people of the countries in which hindus outside of India currently live.

#18 Comment By Winston Langley On May 27, 2019 @ 11:50 pm

Janwaar and other pro-Hindus proposing that the United States establish a “dharmaic” (ie, Hindu-like) official religion is a nefarious ploy to distract from the ills of Hindusim (aka, paganism — recall the 36 million official gods that Janwaar et al refuse to refute). But most of the savvy readers here have well decimated those “inhumane” accouters of this old but caste-based polytheism..

What most readers, and perhaps the American public don’t realize is another atrocious reality that defines Americans Hindus: While sporting the most affluence and education, American Hindus have been shown in surveys to loathe Indian Christians (as well as Muslims). Even the not-so-friendly-to-Catholics New York Times published a compendium of such surveys chronicling this nefarious loathing:

Also, that Janwaar Bibi wallows in reducing her intellectual adversaries such as Ms. Zillow to cloaked “poor-language muslims” reflects her proclivity to stoop to the lowest humane level (a level theologically & ironically reserved for her “untouchable” caste)

Surely its time to confront your inner demons Bibi and/or seek out another blog or unsuspecting journal site where you can prevail again — until another slip/exposure.

#19 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 28, 2019 @ 8:14 am

Then we have Bibi again citing (you guessed it) wikipedia in claiming that the British killed 2.4 million Indians during the WW ll era. Er, killed during the war years? Wouldn’t the British have more use for these Indians to fight Hitler? no nirvana

The great Bengal famine of 1942-43 is a historical fact and it has been studied extensively by scholars – see for example Mike Davis’s “Late Victorian Holocausts.” It is as much of a fact as the Holocaust of Jews in Europe during WWII.

The quote from Churchill is also authentic. Here is a longer account of his depraved indifference to Indian lives.


Questioning these facts is like questioning the Holocaust of Jews in WWII – it casts serious doubt on your bona fides.

hindus use the swastika as their sacred crucifix, no? Hmmm…

Hitler used the Iron Cross as his sacred symbol, no? So you should stop using the cross as your symbol, particularly because Hitler was a Catholic by birth as were most of the SS. The swastika was a sacred symbol for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for thousands of years, and we will continue using it long after Europe fades back into the shadows of the world.

perhaps the West should also engineer its own version of Hinduism, one with less gods since polytheism and certainly goes against the Christian values of most of the people of the countries in which hindus outside of India currently live. Ali

Western countries are the most civilized countries on this planet and people here do not feel compelled to dictate to other people how many and which gods they should worship. So I doubt they will ever be interested in reforming Hinduism. But if Hindus were going around beheading their citizens, committing terrorist acts every other week, raping their women and young girls, were disproportionately involved in crime, and demanded that Christians change their ways to accommodate Hindu ways such as by banning beef and adopting the laws of Manu, they would be right to be concerned and to demand that we reform our ways.

I understand why you dislike the BJP and Hindutva, but even in the extreme, they will be no worse than what Pakistan has done to Hindus, Sikhs and Christians there. So if you like, think of Hindutva as dhimmitude for Muslims – if the institution of dhimmi is sacred and all that for you guys, you should be happy living as dhimmis in India. Or is dhimmitude only for infidels, idolaters, heathens and pagans?

#20 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 28, 2019 @ 10:06 am

Also, that Janwaar Bibi wallows in reducing her intellectual adversaries such as Ms. Zillow to cloaked “poor-language muslims” reflects her proclivity to stoop to the lowest humane level Winston Langley

I have no idea what a “cloaked poor-language Muslim” is. A stuttering Muslima in a burkha? But I am tired of playing with poor-language Pakistanis, so khuda hafiz, “Winston.”

#21 Comment By Robert Klauss On May 28, 2019 @ 1:47 pm

I have been closely monitoring this long and intriguing thread. Indeed, I had no idea how “inhumane” practicing Hinduism is!

So I waited patiently for Ms. Bibi and her pro-Hindu commentators to refute the many alarming points (and corroborating links) that the various writers presented — to no avail as yet!

So please supporters of Modi and Hindustan:can you explicitly counter the following:

1. American Hindus, while “the most affluent and educated” class here loathe Indian Christians (as per the NYT Freedman study);

2. PM MOdi was on the banned and wanted lists of the US State/Justice Dept., as well as the EU High Court — for fostering the genocide and then stand-down of Police in the Muslim and Christian genocide in his former home jurisdiction of Gujrat;

3. Hindus today worship and eat out of the same hand as they feed “Sacred Rats” and “Godly Monkeys” in their respective and numerous gilded temples;

4. The Iconic Mahatama Gandhi — founder of “modern India” wrote in his diary that he slept with his grand-niece and “enjoyed my things doing all those wonderful things;”

4. The holy Gandhi wrote that African Blacks were “inferior, lazy, heathens that could never be civilized!” (what then of a “Dharmic” America where black, hispanics and other minorities are soon to be the MAJORITY ?!);

5. The Harvard School of Medicine has documented that 92% of India’s street food is laced with deadly fecal matter;

6. The CDC has warned the world that the second-leading cause of death in India is Diarrhea thanks to ubiquitous fecal matter, and which costs 2.4 million pre-mature deaths annually;

7. The HOLY Ganges river is today more fecal-saturated than in the past;

8. Modi’s giving away free Toilets — and punishments for its non-use — has still seen Indians defecating out in the open;

9. India was the “only nation in the world last year where unemployment actually INCREASED with a NET LOSS of 1 million jobs!;

10. The caste system renders 330 million hindus inferior to the cow (and golden-templed rats and monkeys); and they must not be helped because the theology says they are paying the price for past sins today in their “reincarnated lives.”

11. Belief in 36 million gods is abject PAGANISM, by definition.

And puh-leez: equating Indian in-humanity with the “Holocaust-Denial” won’t work here, Bibi.
So either counter ALL of the above, or admit to our readers your latent and paganistic racism.

#22 Comment By Janwaar Bibi On May 28, 2019 @ 2:37 pm

Robert Krauss, No need to travel to the Ganges – there’s lots for you to see in San Diego, San Francisco, LA and Seattle.

San Diego:

“The hepatitis A outbreak has renewed interest in the bacteria-filled San Diego River. The county has called downtown a “fecally contaminated environment.” A congressman has sounded the alarm about local waterways.”


San Francisco:





Los Angeles:



Welcome to the turd world, as Paul Theroux used to write.

#23 Comment By Robert Klauss On May 28, 2019 @ 10:38 pm

Uh, Ms. Bibi,

I humbly requested an umimpeachable rebuttal to the 12 shocking realities that the various readers have brought to this journal’s attention; you have instead cited 12 (some dubious) media-sources to merely point out that American officials have warned those nauseating lefties in San Fran, Seattle & San Diego to …smell the coffee — even though hardly an epidemic on the scale of 2.4 million DYING year after year…

And surely you know that most of these leftie cities are coincidentally saturated with Hindustanis! Yes, Medical & IT “engineers” that also are blighting our society (and world) with their demonic must-have tech crap.

Any coincidence that those mostly Indian “engineers” are disparaged as “Code MONKEYS?

OK, how about the other 11 stark, nauseating and inhumane points?

#24 Comment By EliteCommInc. On May 29, 2019 @ 5:50 pm

“Now tell me, is it any different in the rest of the world? Even today?”

Ohh good grief, your point is understood by the number of Hindus seeking to a bite out of the US apple – the ability to either break from caste or maintain it if one exists on the upper teirs.

In the US the old mantra is you don’t have to accept your lot life. You don’t have to be complacent about being wronged, stepped on . . . or what have you. You are in fact on equal status with all others in the face of the law even if not in practice and no doubt we have heirarchy and certainly color is part of that dynamic as Indians know well — hence your privileged status among whites in the face of others especially blacks —

But fundamentally, Hinduism is a brutal regime of acceptance — you are either in or you are out. Given the high context discipline of the society it plays well here — because conformity is what any dominant population approves – less hassle as it were.

But the Hindu philosophy is just counter to the ethic of “Americana”.

Have I met some wonderful people from India – sure. But those same people would pass me by in a heart beat if I was hit by a car — my lot in life as it were. And nothing has my dander up as much as the aids/hiv issue in which UCSD researchers – chief among them an Indian woman claims to track HIV to Kinshasa Africa based on DNA analysis — back in the early 1900’s.


Never bothering to explain how the supposedly brain eating blacks never show any signs of the illness until the late 1940’s. Which just happens to be the time Polio vaccines were being tested on unwitting populations —

Caste dynamics in full display.

I really enjoyed the visit made by the Dalai Lama to my little part of the mountains in the 1991(?). I listen with peeked interest when he discussed the level of violence that exists in the US. And noted the slaughter of cows as part of our dynamic that fed this violence. Now I know, the Dalai Lama is Budhist — shades of blue on a rail. But I thought about it that night while sitting beneath the stars of the hills. And I could not escape the violence that India and Pakistan experience to the brink of war more than once. Why Mahatma Ghandi himself was murdered —

Now, I have some guilt about eating meat and fish — and pestered by the thought I should give it up as unnecessary. But I don’t many US citizens who have a burger and run out and murder the first person they see. And there are some astute researchers from India who have done some important work on deciphering historical data. What I learned about WWI and their imported soldiers is derived from that research.

But as a philosophy, hinduism is hardly conducive to a declaration of independence or the Constitution.

#25 Comment By No Dharma On May 31, 2019 @ 2:15 am

Ms. Bibi,

I decided to be charitable (unlike hindus — who can show NO CHARITY organization parallel to the Christian Red Cross, Catholic Charities, World Vision, etc.) and actually read one of the many dubious links you proffered (in response to the still un-refuted 12 atrocities that define modern India):

Your link suggests that up to 31 people in total died as a result of the homeless defecating on American streets, between 2012 and 2014.

How do you justify this relatively minuscule stat of 31 in 2 years — with the 2.4 million Indians dying, every year, from diarrhea alone?!

I guess your logic would then proffer we ban seat-belt use as even though thousands of lives are saved by these belts each year, some 18 lives are also lost when belts could not be unfastened in those rare accidents.

Also, you cite the “Nobel” Indian laureate Amartya Sen as writing that “no famine has ravaged India since its independence in 1947.”
Well, Ms. Bibi would you have the astute readers here believe that the Swiss-aided “Green Revolution” in India in the 1960s was NOT due to continued famines in “liberated” India. Ha!

Even today, the Indian press itself cites the Global Hunger Index, as showing that “hunger haunts India worse than obliterated Iraq and severely impoverished N. Korea!”


It is said that atheism/paganism is just one step away from barbarism. Considering how India was at the forefront of the ludicrous — but brutal — “Non-Aligned Movement” nations co-led by Stalin-puppet Castro, Ms. Bibi is potentially a cloaked Manchurian Candidate when she lobbies for an Indian-style “Dharmic America…”

Imagine then the American president urging in fireside chats that “all good Americans should drink their urine every morning to ensure a gentler, kinder America!”