September/October 2016

Front Lines

Robert Nisbet’s Conservatism

A friend of the great sociologist on why we need his insight today.

The Past and Future of War

Martin van Creveld and Douglas Macgregor illuminate the battlefield.

Subsidizing Disaster

As seas rise, why is government promoting coastal development?

More Allies, More War?

America’s commitments abroad are not making us safer.

Cover Story

New Class War

What America’s ruling elite fears about the 2016 election


Escape From the EU

Why it took a referendum—not an election—for Britain to reject globalism.

The Return of Torture?

CIA and Congress oppose Trump’s push—but the public may not.

The Crony Economy

Bipartisan outrage doesn’t stop government picking winners and losers

Detroit Never Died

When the city government went bankrupt, private citizens continued rebuilding.

Unlocking the Election

The keys that predict victory could pose bad news for Clinton.

‘Polls Are Closed,’ They Lied

TAC Rewind: How the media nearly stole the 2000 election for Al Gore