May/June 2017


The Art of Lying

Debunking Trump’s Casus Belli

Intelligence community insiders are getting restless for a whistleblower to step forward.

Censorship Tale

Front Lines

The Essential Reagan

Craig Shirley delivers another meticulous narrative.

Latest Language Abuse

How the term “woke” became a litmus test for PC snobs.

Going Off the Rails?

Trump risks a big backlash if he reneges on his campaign promises.

Cover Story

The Battle for France

The new intellectualism of cultural anxiety


Cory Booker’s Challenge

Can he bend his party or will his party bend him?

Stefan Zweig’s Ordeal

The Austrian writer personified Europe’s descent into chaos.

Andy Jackson’s Populism

It started with a hatred of crony capitalism.

The ‘Global Order’ Myth

Teary-eyed nostalgia as cover for U.S. hegemony

An Affordable-Housing Fix

Countering the perception that regular people can’t afford “New Urbanism”

Stefan Zweig Followed His Europe Into Suicide

Tragic tale reflects continent’s descent into 20th-century chaos.