May/Jun. 2015


Republicans Can Deal With Iran

What Drove Booth Tarkington?

How a 20th-century gentleman from Indiana fought giantism

Norman Mailer vs. the Liberals


Two Republican Parties

Front Lines

Higher Ed ≠ Higher Class

Do we know why we’re sending more Americans to college?

Why Soldiers Lie

Our generals are better at bureaucratic infighting than war fighting.

Cities for People—or Cars?

New Urbanism rediscovers centuries of walkable wisdom.

Cover Story

Rand Paul, Hawk or Dove?

His father’s Cold War rhetoric shows how to present peace to Republicans.


Scott Walker in Contrast

The Wisconsin governor’s success was built on the Bush GOP’s failures.

James Polk’s Realpolitik

Was the Mexican War gratuitous conquest or strategic statesmanship?

Books to Save Your Soul

From Dante’s Divine Comedy to two new memoirs of faith

Inventing the Right

What Edmund Burke and Charles Maurras reveal about politics

Allies Against Empire

Robert La Follette and Albert Jay Nock opposed war from left and right.