May/Jun. 2014


Silicon Valley’s Blacklist

From Pushkin to Putin

Torture, the Senate, and the CIA

No one wants to prosecute CIA personnel—even if it’s proven that they committed war crimes.

John Milius: A Real Wolverine


Capitalism’s Balance

Front Lines

Can Google Search for Friendship?

The Internet’s easy answers are a recipe for loneliness.

The Lessons of 1814

Decaying states today are as dangerous as Napoleon’s armies were 200 years ago.

Noninterventionism: A Primer

America’s alternative to war and empire is not “isolationism.”

Cover Story

The Party of Innovation

Copyright reform, looser licensing, and an agenda for a tech-savvy GOP


Raúl Labrador’s Revolt

Why this Idaho congressman won Justin Amash’s vote to replace Speaker Boehner

Unlike a Rolling Stone

Why Bob Dylan, troubadour of the revolution, turned homeward

Belloc vs. the Anglosphere

A British book about America debunks the “special relationship.”

Rockwell Kent’s Country

In the McCarthy era, painting and politics didn’t mix.

Who Really Owns America?

In 2014, the country’s toughest public interest advocate predicted that neither Big Government nor Free Markets could save us from tyranny.