May/June 2016


Oil as a Way of Life

Front Lines

The Private Scalia

His greatest achievement wasn’t on the Supreme Court.

Memo to the Chairman

If the Joint Chiefs are sick of losing, try a defensive grand strategy.

No Presidents from Wisconsin

Can Paul Ryan break the curse of Robert La Follette and Scott Walker?

Cover Story

Cities Without Children

Vital urbanism demands family space, not adult playgrounds.


The Porcupine Option

What Christian conservatives can learn from the Free State Project

Growth Is Green

Climate change is a threat, but development must take priority.

Trump vs. the New Class

The Donald is a liberal—just like Ronald Reagan was.

The First Dystopia

Science fiction begins with Bulwer-Lytton’s attack on egalitarianism.

Ireland’s Easter Wars

How Irish independence was baptized in blood

When Christianities Collide

Persecuted churches of the East need dialogue with the West.