June 2012


War and the Intellectuals

Surveilling Bill Clinton

Welcome to Takiwood

Warming up to Tinseltown

Fewer Workers, More Welfare

Ballot of a Thin Man

The Paul campaign calls to mind the rebellious ethos of 1980s punks.


Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

Front Lines

Freud and the Drone

Robot war means more killing, less guilt

Impaired Visions

Thomas Sowell’s thinking is blinded by partisanship.

Stealth Turkey

The trillion-dollar F-35 is an easy target.

Markets First, Elections Later

Why democratization fails from Russia to Iraq

Cover Story

When News Is Propaganda

Cable networks perfect their partisan slant—and that means war.


Romney Capitalism

Mitt’s father knew that industry, not finance, built America.

Kuwait’s Crossroads

Islamists and American power imperil the Gulf’s freest state.

Revolt in the Ranks

Dissent in the armed forces is a patriotic tradition

Eastern Right

Conservative minds convert to Orthodox Christianity

Neo-Keynesian Trap

Cheap, abundant credit stimulates the wrong kind of growth.

Hungary Reconstituted

The “Easter constitution” reasserts a national identity

As Goode as It Gets

The Constitution Party has a nominee, but does it have a future?

Arts & Letters

When Religion Goes Wrong

Beyond Originalism

Hamilton Shrugged

Land of Promise: An Economic History of the United States, Michael Lind, Harper, 592 pages

A Stasi for America

Enemies: A History of the FBI, Tim Weiner, Random House, 560 pages

Ron Paul’s Paradoxes

Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired, Brian Doherty, Broadside Books, 304 pages

The Science of Policy