July/Aug. 2013


Localism’s Green Shoots

Front Lines

Thrown to the Lions—by America

In our Mideast wars, “collateral damage” includes Christian extinction

Tomb of the Four Freedoms

New York’s cold monument to FDR’s internationalist vision

John Boyd’s Art of War

Why our greatest military theorist only made colonel.


Story Lines, Not Party Lines

Why conservatives must master the arts of narrative

The Anti-Alinsky

John Jay Chapman teaches conservatives the spirit of practical agitation.

Texas Water War

Does economic growth trump property rights?

Not Hitler’s Pope

What history taught Pius XII about resisting tyrants

Civil War Comes Home

“Copperhead” dramatizes the ’60s antiwar movement—1860s, that is.

Rock for Republicans?

How the GOP misunderstands John Mellencamp’s heartland ethic