July/August 2016


Conservatism 2016

Front Lines

What West Baltimore Needs

Local leadership plus outside capital might stop the next riot.

No Presidential Wars

In 2016, who will stand up for the Constitution’s foreign policy?

What Trump Can Do for Defense

Pentagon courtiers need to hear the magic words: “You’re fired!”

Cover Story

Why Trump Wins

He knows border wars have replaced culture wars.


Who’s the Libertarian Now?

Gary Johnson is the anti-Ron Paul.

Empire’s Chain Reaction

Andrew Bacevich explains our decades-long war for the Greater Middle East.

Uncertainty’s Prophet

Frank Knight is the economist for our age.

Criminalizing Entrepreneurs

The regulatory state is also a prison state.

Military-Industrial Election

How defense firms spend campaign cash

Unnatural Monopolies

Do power companies have to be crony capitalists?

Clinton’s Bad Trade

Manufacturing won’t find a friend in Hillary.

Endangered Hawks

Why the Senate’s militarist caucus will lose in November