Jul./Aug. 2015


Syria: A Conflict of Interests

Summer With Taki

The Russians ruined the French Riviera that was, so head to Maine—or Greece.

Obama Won’t Demilitarize Police

White House claims of de-escalation are merely misdirection.

Essays Against the Man

A Muckdog reporter looks back on 30 years of journalism


Personnel Is Policy

Front Lines

What Militarism Means

Its perfect symbol isn’t Prussia, it’s the F-35.

Bernie Sanders Gets His Gun

Is the Second Amendment only for conservatives?

Marco Rubio Invades the World

From Yemen to Ukraine, the Florida senator wants war.

Cover Story

Jeb vs. the Neocons?

A Catholic Bush just might be a peaceful one.


Sherlock Holmes’s Politics

He was a Victorian libertarian—and imperial conservative.

Faith in Diplomacy

Conservative realism has a champion in Reagan’s Swiss ambassador.

A World of Cities

How localism prospers in an era of globalization

Why Read Christopher Lasch?

The conservative radical has answers to Charles Murray’s hard questions.

Europe’s Enlightened Order

What was reactionary about the Congress of Vienna?

Davos Woman

Hillary Clinton is a gift to the global elite.