February 2012


Rise of the Eurofanatics

Planet of the Japes

This article appears in the February 2012 issue of The American Conservative.

Clearing the Air Force

Puppet Revolutions

Tel Aviv’s Next Target


Old Right Renewal

Front Lines

Hometown Healer

Doctors should not be factory foremen.

Dooley Noted

Listen to Finley Peter Dunne’s sagacious Irishman.

The GOP’s Lost Generation

Cover Story

Ron Paul and His Enemies

An effective antiwar candidate is what the neocons fear most.


We Aren’t Number 1

Do our slipping superlatives suggest a nation in decline?

Know Your Gnostics

Eric Voegelin diagnosed the neoconservatives’ disease.

Unraveling the Undead

Our obsession with zombies, from the Congo to Hollywood

Border Battleground

Mexico’s drug violence is state-sponsored—by the U.S.

Buchanan’s Revolution

How Pitchfork Pat raised a rebellion—and why it failed.

Attack of the Pork Hawks

Loving the Pentagon turns conservatives into big-spending liberals.

Gitmo’s Prying Eyes

The Defense Department wages war on attorney-client privilege.

Arts & Letters

What Madison Meant

The Bell Curve’s Toll

Capital Punishment

Butterfield’s Brilliance

Christian Jihad

Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can’t Ignore the Bible’s Violent Verses, Philip Jenkins, HarperOne, 320 pages

Is Israel a Failed State?