On the Trail With Trumpism Without Trump

J.D. Vance, Jeff Sessions, and others broke bread with youngsters over the weekend, with nary an utterance of the “T” word.
Curt Mills July 27, 2021


Rod Dreher

The Second Coming Of Helmut Kentler

Well within living memory, pedophilia was encouraged by authorities. Once again, elites are insane about sexuality
Rod Dreher July 26, 2021

State of the Union

Our Exhausted Moment

My appearance on the post-left podcast "ex.haust" to talk conservatism, the past, and the future.
Micah Meadowcroft July 22, 2021


When It Stops Being a Laughing Matter

As the January 6 prosecutions begin and the hunt is on for alleged "domestic extremists," the politicization of law enforcement continues to accelerate.
Peter Van Buren July 26, 2021

Covid Stockholm Syndrome

The hostages have grown attached to their hostage takers.
Will Collins July 26, 2021

President Biden, Keep China Away From American Farmland

Like communications technology, agriculture and land are a major front in China's quest for economic dominance.
John Mac Ghlionn July 26, 2021

Fifteen Pounds to Slow the Spread

Vaccines, masks, and social distance don't count for much if you were never healthy to begin with.
Micah Meadowcroft July 26, 2021

A Teacher’s Summer is No Cakewalk

All that free time is asking for summertime sadness, or for a laugh: the sorrows of Kurt Hofer.
Kurt Hofer July 24, 2021

The Popes After Christianity

How does a Church navigate the dangers of a post-Christian Western world?
Michael Warren Davis July 24, 2021

Let the Children Work

Compulsory education and child labor laws only serve to perpetuate an inhumane system.
Declan Leary July 24, 2021

America’s Class War Over Abortion

The credentialed elite take pride in the sacrifices, even human, they are willing to make for the sake of professional success.
Matthew Schmitz July 23, 2021

America’s Lackluster Beach Towns

They imitate the architecture of classic beach communities, but too many towns on the coast care more about parking than an ocean view.
Josh Delk July 23, 2021

Why the Tom Barrack Indictment Matters

Charges for a close associate of former President Donald J. Trump have re-opened the can of worms that was his administration’s Mideast policy.
Curt Mills July 23, 2021

Not a Cold War But an Ideological Argument

Pundits like George Will think China will be deterred by an aircraft carrier. They misunderstand what Beijing wants.
Matt Purple July 23, 2021

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