Last of the Greatest

On this Independence Day, remembering the life of an American hero: Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams (1923-2022).
Jonathon Van Maren July 4, 2022


Rod Dreher

Quo Vadis, America?

Where are we going? Nowhere good -- but there is still time to turn back
Rod Dreher July 4, 2022

State of the Union

Coach Kennedy Can Pray

The Court's ​ruling in Kennedy v. Bremerton ​starts to unwind the tangled web wrought by its incorporation of the Establishment Clause.
John Hirschauer July 1, 2022


Out of Babylon

Notes on imperium and libertas from the International Religious Freedom Summit.
Declan Leary July 2, 2022

The Self-Hate of Abortion Advocates

The case for abortion only holds up to those who believe a person’s value is dependent on how much they are wanted.
Kelly Marcum July 2, 2022

Local Labor, Still Left Behind

Unlike international unions, building-level unions give workers a voice.
George Liebmann July 2, 2022

The Boys, Our Country Friends, and the Murder of Superman

Artistic elites may sneer at quaint anachronisms such as the Hero’s Journey, but this is precisely what our world needs.
Jason Garshfield July 2, 2022

Reading Lincoln Aright

Clear thinking about our monumental heritage is badly needed before the next iconoclastic rampage erupts.
Catesby Leigh July 1, 2022

T-Mobile Merger and the Dangers of Corporate Power

To big companies like T-Mobile, increased market share equals increased power.
Terry Schilling July 1, 2022

Lessons from a Turkish Coup

The country that invented the ‘deep state’ teaches us how it can be dealt with.
Nicholas Spyridon Kass July 1, 2022

Canada: An Introduction for American Conservatives

Liberal hegemony makes the situation of conservatives in Canada today desperate indeed.
Mark Wegierski July 1, 2022

London’s First Organ Trafficking Trial

A Nigerian senator’s arrest marks the spread of a common Third World crime into new territory.
Helen Andrews June 30, 2022

Does Lithuania Want to Start a War with Russia?

Lithuania is waving a red cape at the Russian bear.
Doug Bandow June 30, 2022

The View From the ‘Russian Davos’

Vladimir Putin called on Western leaders to stop “tenaciously clinging to the shadows of the past.”
Adriel Kasonta June 30, 2022

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