The Regulatory Capture of the FDA

The mega-profit pharmaceutical industry relies on connections with the agency tasked with regulating it.
Maxim Jacobs June 12, 2021


Rod Dreher

Prof. Krylov: Defend Science From The Woke

Russian chemist says that as in the Soviet years, we are living through the ideological corruption of science
Rod Dreher June 12, 2021


Will the Western Liberal Order Hold and Save?

Rod, fresh back from his amazing trip to Bucharest promoting Live Not By Lies, returns with Kale to talk…


G7’s Global Tax Plans Threaten Prosperity Worldwide

President Biden's international tax scheme discourages investment, harming those he seeks to help.
Charles Amos June 11, 2021

Prodigal Trads and the Holy Father

Do liturgical dissenters deserve whatever sanctions the Vatican is preparing? Do they need them?
Michael Warren Davis June 11, 2021

Biden’s Housing Plan: An Anthology of Failed Approaches

The administration aims promote racial and socio-economic integration through social engineering.
George Liebmann June 11, 2021

We Made the Rainbow Boring

Diversity—racial and otherwise—is one of the most interesting facts of life. Yet wokeness has turned it into a jargon-filled H.R. seminar.
Matt Purple June 11, 2021

What to Do About Belarus?

The Belarusian government's tyranny is concerning, but any U.S. response must be prudent and consistent.
Doug Bandow June 10, 2021

Lessons in Critical Race Theory from Behind the Iron Curtain

The divisive curriculum of our day resembles communist indoctrination of the past, and must be combated as such.
Stephen Sholl June 10, 2021

The Outsider

Gaddafi the scapegoat may not just be seen as a fellow traveler of existentialism, but as a late emanation of European Romanticism.
Geoff Shullenberger June 10, 2021

The Immigration Problem

On the border, our leaders, like Vice President Kamala Harris, will continue to fail to find a satisfactory answer.
Matthew Walther June 10, 2021

Mexico’s AMLO Still Overshadowed by Cartels

As it waits for the final results of its latest election our southern neighbor continues to struggle with violence and instability.
Paul Brian June 9, 2021

Will A Woke Spring Make Way For Thermidorian Relief?

The Reign of Terror had an end. Is ours around the corner?
Michael Vlahos June 9, 2021

The Considerate Lobster

In his latest book, Jordan Peterson renews his message of responsibility and meaning for a culture tormented by nihilism.
Ross Anderson June 9, 2021

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