Quo Vadis, Mother Russia?

If we isolate Russia, push it out of the West, Moscow has only one direction in which to go—east, to China.
Patrick J. Buchanan May 21, 2022


Rod Dreher

Monkeypox & Gay Sex Freaks

Outbreak tied to gay bathhouse and fetish festival -- but these are Sacred Victims, so stop noticing, bigot
Rod Dreher May 22, 2022

State of the Union

The Disinformation Board Is Dead

The board would have cracked down on opinions that undermine the electoral interests of the Democratic Party.
John Hirschauer May 19, 2022


The Return of the Eclectic

Rod and Kale return after a 6 week sabbatical to cover what has been going on politically, culturally, and…


Small Retail Can Make Neighborhoods Walkable

Allowing ACUs to operate in neighborhoods can spur walkability and small-business formation.

Lula’s Return: From Prison to Presidency?

The former Brazilian president spent several years in jail for political corruption, but is running again versus Jair Bolsonaro.
Emma Freire May 20, 2022

The Two Faces of Originalism

Scholars of various persuasions have denounced John Eastman in harsh terms while admitting sotto voce that he might have half a point.
Matthew Schmitz May 20, 2022

Towards a Republican Counter-Elite

The campaigns of Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump highlight the danger of attacking the elite without developing a viable counter-elite to replace it with.
Jeremy Carl May 19, 2022

Tearing Down Civilization: Pushkinopad

Ukraine’s Pushkinopad is not a minor excess of a war-ravaged nation but a sign of a failed society.
Katya Sedgwick May 19, 2022

Sweden and Finland in NATO: What’s in it for Us?

If the U.S. wants to remain a superpower and defend its own citizens' interests, it must learn to say no.
Doug Bandow May 19, 2022

A Further Push to Federalize Elections

Democrat-run non-profit Demos seeks to take over the USPS to make voting by mail permanent and encouraged.
Hayden Ludwig May 19, 2022

Making Medicaid Sustainable

Focusing the program on the populations it was designed to serve could improve beneficiary health outcomes and save taxpayers money.
Michael R. Lado May 18, 2022

Buying Babies: Big Fertility

Abortion advocates are rightly outraged by the “domestic supply of infants,” but it's their crowd buying and selling.
Katy Faust May 18, 2022

A Somalia Sequel

Do we really need to be running counter-terrorism operations in Mogadishu?
Micah Meadowcroft May 18, 2022

Lawyers Cause Homelessness

The Boise case proves that pro bono litigation is not always “for the public good.”
Mark Pulliam May 18, 2022

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