Who Funds the Statue-Topplers?

This summer, a prominent statue of Christopher Columbus was destroyed by activist vandals. But this was no spontaneous act of passion.
Declan Leary December 1, 2020


Rod Dreher

Sex, Eton, And Soft Totalitarianism

Britain's most prestigious school has gone full woke. Decline and fall is coming
Rod Dreher November 30, 2020

Prufrock: Books, Arts, & Ideas

Revisiting the Spider-Man Musical Debacle

“It’s probably not ideal to have a director who isn’t keen on Spider-Man comics and two composers who aren’t keen on musicals,” Nicholas Barber writes.
Micah Mattix December 1, 2020

Minor Novels

Micah Mattix November 30, 2020


At the Supreme Court, a Red Line for Religious Freedom

A majority of justices set limits on state lockdown power last week, in what would seem a watershed for the new court.
Curt Mills November 30, 2020

Will Trump be Prosecuted?

The left is excited about revenge once the president leaves office. But their chances of success are slim, to say the least.
Peter Van Buren November 30, 2020

The Immigration Stakes in Georgia

If Georgia flips fully blue, immigration activists will deserve much of the credit — and they're ready to claim the spoils of victory. Will Biden let them?
Michael Volpe November 30, 2020

Truth In Exile

Solzhenitsyn spent his exile in America, but he was always Russian, and never Soviet.
Richard M. Reinsch II November 28, 2020

The Last American Glovemaker

Decades of offshoring have decimated American manufacturing. One baseball glove factory remains to preserve a community and a culture.
Colin Martin November 28, 2020

The Terrible Mercy and Love of a Child’s Casket

A call to the Trappists to order a child’s casket is one no parent wants to make. Still, the monks stand ready to answer.
Leah Libresco Sargeant November 27, 2020

Drive Like It’s 1950 on U.S. Route 11

A leisurely road trip through an American open-air museum yields insights on the built environment.
Addison Del Mastro November 27, 2020

Saudi Arabia: The Ally From Hell

MbS has made the U.S. complicit in war crimes and committed murder. The new administration should stand up to him.
Doug Bandow November 27, 2020

How Globalization Undermined the Case for Western Values

The West has long ignored its own values in trading with foreign countries; that can and should change post-COVID.
Kurt Hofer November 27, 2020

Our Rebel Thanksgiving

Some fates are worse than death. Unless you've lived like us, you wouldn't understand.
Tony Woodlief November 26, 2020

Deplorables, or Expendables?

Rubin offers some valuable, albeit well-known, critiques of globalized trade, but doesn't go far beyond that.
Napoleon Linarthatos November 26, 2020

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