Saving Small Farms

Big Agriculture bears some blame for the decline of rural and small-town communities.
Austin Jepsky January 28, 2022


Rod Dreher

‘Transwoman’ Child Molester Is Going To Girls’ Juvy

Transgender madness, pushed hard by elites, is tearing the country apart. Will there ever be a backlash?
Rod Dreher January 27, 2022

State of the Union

Letitia James Probes Trump World

Prosecutors in New York are laser-focused on the financial dealings of former President Donald Trump. 
John Hirschauer January 26, 2022


Marching Towards the End of Roe

Taking stock of the pro-life movement, and whether the pending decision in Dobbs will finally overturn Roe v. Wade.
The American Conservative January 24, 2022


Biden Is Right About Minor Incursions

To the dismay of reflexively hawkish Republicans, the president is correct about at least one thing in Ukraine.
Bradley Devlin January 27, 2022

Yemen and its Consequences

President Biden should uphold his campaign promise to end all American support for the war in Yemen, including arms sales.
Doug Bandow January 27, 2022

Mr. President, Stay Out of Ukraine

Instead of flirting with a proxy war strategy to torment Russia, the United States should be making a concerted effort to repair bilateral relations.
Ted Galen Carpenter January 27, 2022

Stephen Breyer Is Still Alive?

Breyer’s decision to retire is a reminder that Democrats are pessimistic not only about this year’s midterms but about the next presidential election.
Matthew Walther January 27, 2022

Stumbling Down the Synodal Path

The United States' Catholic bishops have internalized the ethos of America's liberal bureaucracy.
Auguste Meyrat January 27, 2022

Joe Biden’s Low-Energy Blunder

Russia's opportunistic ambition is directly tied to President Biden's reckless energy policy and related geopolitical weakness.

Health Care is a Privilege

The same people who say "healthcare is a right" now advocate refusing care to patients based on their race or vaccine status.
Adam Ellwanger January 26, 2022

Our Sinking Ship in Europe

We are not about to make Ukraine an Article 5 NATO member, and playing as if we might only helps China.
Micah Meadowcroft January 26, 2022

A Radical Reconsidered

Meir Kahane was a man for his times who died as he had lived: violently.
Lloyd Green January 26, 2022

Ukraine’s Relentless Lobbyists Take to Congress

How a few Washington firms are seeking to put the U.S. on collision course with Russia.
Bradley Devlin January 25, 2022

Drone Swarms in Ethiopia

Foreign-supplied armed drones are credited with playing a significant part in the latest reversal in the Tigrayan conflict.
James Jeffrey January 25, 2022

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