First They Came for the Infants

Abortion will always be the most divisive issue in the wider American right. It is the overarching issue of our age.
Matthew Walther September 16, 2021


Rod Dreher

Penn State & The Baizuocracy

University's new Title IX rules on anti-LGBT bias push the school further into soft totalitarian territory
Rod Dreher September 16, 2021


Texas Takes on Abortion

TAC Right Now's new hosts discuss the Texas heartbeat bill, fake news on ivermectin, and whether the right should embrace organized labor.
The American Conservative September 13, 2021


Turd Ferguson and the Philosophy of Hope

Remembering Norm Macdonald (1959-2021).
Dustin Messer September 16, 2021

It’s Time for Diplomacy with Afghanistan

Isolation is only likely to degrade the Taliban’s behavior, while making the regime more dependent on China and Iran.
Doug Bandow September 16, 2021

Roe and Relativism: A Doctor’s Diagnosis

When fundamental truth ceases to exist, as in our current medical relativism, all that is left is the will to power.
Jason Phillips September 16, 2021

The End of Doe v. Bolton and the End of Roe

If the abortion decisions fall, a great deal of other judicial activism might fall with them.
George Liebmann September 16, 2021

Energy Going Into German Elections

As Merkel departs, climate politics remain at the forefront of Germany’s discourse.
Bill Wirtz September 15, 2021

The Radical Reign of Angela Merkel

Reconsidering the chancellor's legacy as she prepares to depart the political stage.
Napoleon Linarthatos September 15, 2021

The Resilient Parish Buildings of Quebec

Church properties survive secularization by finding new ways to serve their neighborhoods.
Madeline Johnson September 15, 2021

Children of the Same Foul Spirit?

George Bush wants to bring the war on terror home. He's not alone, and he's not joking.
Declan Leary September 15, 2021

‘Coming Apart’ (Nearly) a Decade Later

To bring us back together in the 21st century calls for a richer, more materially attuned analysis of our problems.
Sohrab Ahmari September 14, 2021

Saying No to China

We should admire those few small countries that have turned down the CCP's soft imperial overtures.
John Mac Ghlionn September 14, 2021

The Sufficient Condition for Forever War is Never War

To have free rein to fight without limit of time or treasure, our establishment has discovered it can simply never declare formal war.
Jason Morgan September 14, 2021

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