This has been a season of loss for the conservative mind, with George Carey’s death June 21 and Kenneth Minogue’s just a week later—this past Friday. John O’Sullivan remembers Minogue at National Review. The New Zealand-born, Australia-based political theorist—whose most important work, The Liberal Mind is freely available thanks to the good offices of the Liberty Fund—was writing till the end and had recently published a review of Anthony Padgen’s The Enlightenment for the Wall Street Journal. Not long before, he had a very fine essay on Hobbes in the New Criterion.

Here at TAC, Paul Gottfried reviewed Minogue’s The Servile Mind: How Democracy Erodes the Moral Life in 2011. Earlier Minogue himself appeared in our pages to write about his friend Michael Oakeshott.

This classic “Firing Line” clip gives a flavor of his mind—and his impatience with casual allusions to George Orwell.