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The Digest, Dec. 6

A few takeaways from yesterday at www.theamericanconservative.com [1]

Philip Giraldi asks if we are really going to let the Kagans talk us into [2] prolonging the war in Afghanistan.

Can Catholicism be reconciled with “democratic capitalism”? Elias Crim looks at the Acton Institute’s co-founder’s Moral Case for the Free Economy and the meaning of scriptural prescriptions for economic relationships [3].

“Common Core Standards” are a bad idea [4], not for fear of “indoctrination,” but because they stamp a national solution on state and regional problems in education.

Is the power of divine art underestimated [5] in Evangelical culture?

Scott McConnell is probably not alone in his early, but perhaps ill-founded, approval [6] of Egypt’s newly elected Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi.