Today on, Ron Unz examined the questionable admissions practices of Ivy League universitiesUnz finds that Asian-Americans are struggling to gain admission into America’s elite universities in numbers commensurate with their talent. Daniel McCarthy has more. Meanwhile, Bruce Bartlett’s piece about his life on the right continues to be a runaway success:

I’ve paid a heavy price, both personal and financial, for my evolution from comfortably within the Republican Party and conservative movement to a less than comfortable position somewhere on the center-left. Honest to God, I am not a liberal or a Democrat. But these days, they are the only people who will listen to me.

Barlett’s lamentation of the GOP’s epistemic closure has already garnered more than 12,000 Facebook likes. It even attracted praise from Bartlett’s former nemesis Paul Krugman.

Finally, Rod Dreher reflected on the Internet and moral freakery.