Patrick Buchanan working as an aide to Richard Nixon in 1969

This week on, Michael Brendan Dougherty profiled Pat Buchanan, Scott McConnell and Taki looked back on ten years of The American Conservative, and Tom Woods searched for the elusive “City on a Hill.” Jim Antle identified the libertarian swing vote, and Wick Allison called for a return to fairness.

Rod Dreher and Daniel Larison listed the woes of a defeated GOP and analyzed Bobby Jindal’s presidential ambitions. Dreher also compiled a list of promising and has-been conservatives, spoke of his love for Starbucks, and responded to Alan Jacobs’s post about the decline of free speech in higher education. Samuel Goldman addressed the blind spot of liberalism. Noah Millman and Jacobs discussed the politics of climate change. Jacobs also dissected the meaning of the widely used term, “the common good,” listed his favorite Wikipedia pages, while Millman reflected on the material basis of a marriage culture.

Jack Hunter examined the failed policies of David Petraeus, Philip Giraldi visited New Jersey, Scott McConnell contextualized the ongoing violence in GazaScott Galupo poked holes in Romney’s assessment of his own defeat, and Jordan Bloom noted Rand Paul’s courting of the Latino vote.