1. Denial — Karl Rove, election night.

2. Anger — Rush Limbaugh blames the takers, November 7. Conor Friedersdorf explains why this is a losing strategy.

3. Bargaining — Charles Krauthammer offers the amnesty olive branch (sorry, couldn’t find an embed–Larison’s comments here). Laura Ingraham cautions Republicans not to sell out. Last night on O’Reilly she discussed the danger of a bidding war for which party could pander to Latinos the most. Which is to say, she completely misses the point:

4. Depression –Ann Coulter, November 7

5. Acceptance — Well, I guess that hasn’t really happened yet. But David Frum has some good thoughts on Morning Joe today about how conservatives have been “fleeced, exploited, and lied to.”

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