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TAC Digest: November 6-7

Today on theamericanconservative.com [1], Michael Dougherty [2] and Daniel Larison discussed Obama’s win, and proposed that the GOP’s failure to select a foreign policy and economy-competent candidate allowed the Bush shadow to linger [3] and perpetuated the party’s demographic woes. Ron Dreher zoomed out on same-sex marriage victories in Maryland, Washington, and Maine [4]. Scott Galupo offered up a real tax deal [5] Speaker Boehner and President Obama could both live with. Larison attributed Romney and his allies’ failure to understand their opponent [6] to the loyalist, conservative media, and explained that even if campaigning was littered with talk of the American Century, it has now definitely reached its end [7]. This sentiment was echoed in the editors’ case for conservatism’s hour [8]. Meanwhile, George Will is still giving bad advice [9], which has already led to dangerous assumptions [10] about the electorate. Meanwhile, Jordon Bloom asked if an Article V Convention [11] is the only means for reaching a balanced budget, and Kelley Vlahos reported [12]on marijuana legalization in two states.

On Tuesday, Samuel Goldman argued [13] that election day should be a federal holiday. Noah Millman revisited his election predictions [14], and Galupo proposed that the closeness of the election would significantly blur the next president’s mandate [15], something Larison attributed to both candidates’ “unimaginative and vacuous campaigns [16].” I explained why the candidates’ failure to look at issues through the lens of natural law [17] limited their solutions, Goldman used historical standards to rank the election’s real importance [18], while both Dougherty [19] and Daniel McCarthy predicted that Obama had this one in the bag [20]. Dreher pulled us all back in and off of the election in a piece about reading as that which affects the imagination, reminding us that people of the book [21] will always belong to a community of minds.