CIS chief Mark Krikorian writes about the TAC election symposium over at NRO. Mark disagrees with several of us about whether Romney is likely to follow the foreign policy his advisors choose for him; besides that we’re pretty much on the same page. He’s been canvassing for Romney, and I wanted to send him my account of Virginia canvassing–but their comments are bollixed up for some reason.

Judging from both Mark and the NRO comments (and from what I heard from Wall Street/country club Republicans all summer), people just don’t believe Romney would devote his presidency to a neocon foreign policy agenda. I, by contrast, don’t think he’s really cynical enough to say “I would ask my good friend Bibi Netanyahu” whenever a Mideast policy choice comes up without actually believing it. Hawkish foreign policies are not a vote-getter, all the political pros in Romney’s stable know that. Anyway, hope we won’t have to find out.