If you had told me, the person I was in 1995, chief editorial writer and columnist for the New York Post, that I would be cheering reports of “high African-American turnout” in Pennsylvania, I would have found it completely preposterous. The moral of the story, I suppose, is that the person you are at 40 is not necessarily the person you will be at 60, and that life takes surprising turns.

Oh, and Romney has a 49% unfavorable rating in NH. Not a good sign for the neocons.

At dinner Mrs. McConnell said, “Wouldn’t it be depressing if Obama loses?” I’m always trying to see the bright side, and thought – “well opposition would be interesting.” But here we go. Ohio, Obama CNN exit poll lead. Florida tied. Virginia looking tied. I’m nervous. David Gergen, who has a dozen smart people feeding him information, says the polls seem to be holding up. That bodes very well for Obama. So, perhaps can begin thinking about a “Why the Republicans Lost” piece? A little premature.