Unlike some Maryland voters, I’m actually very excited about the prospect of a casino being built just south of DC along the Potomac river. After politicians finish wasting our money, they can spend the evenings wasting some of their own.

Every city has a unique character, however–gaudy L.A., elegant New York–and I’d suggest that DC’s guiding quality is, above all, discretion. Leaving the city for recreation is a big part of that, whether it’s Bethany Beach for families, Charlestown or Atlantic City to gamble or, in the 19th century, spas out past Leesburg. S0 as much as I’d like to see a freewheeling gambling enclave just outside the nation’s capital, it seems a bit out of character.

Still, you never know unless you try. The ballot initiative expanding gaming in the state will be decided by Maryland voters tomorrow.

As Politico’s Charles Mahtesian writes, “The hallmark of the campaign to pass a ballot measure expanding gambling in Maryland is its unyielding focus on West Virginia.”

Since Marylanders currently take their business elsewhere, often to West Virginia,  the gaming industry there have been lobbying against it. Here’s some of the push-back from casino proponents:

Notice the emphasis isn’t on “casino.” The exhortation is to not be misled by a “West Virginia casino.”

And a John Denver parody: