I don’t know if anyone pays attention to the ads that play during football games, but the latest Marine Corps effort, “Toward the Sounds of Chaos,” is truly priceless. It is made to look like a video game, showing armored amphibious assault vehicles roaring up a beachhead surrounded by running riflemen in full battle gear with helicopter gunships and air support above. As the ad approaches its end, one can see the shipping crates on the backs of the armored vehicles with “AID” stenciled in large letters. The ad concludes with “Which way would you run?” Obviously real Marines like to run toward chaos, or, in this case, toward the nearest United Nations aid distribution center.

How nice and heartwarming it is to see a heavily armed Marine battalion delivering what is presumably food and medical supplies to beleaguered folks in some benighted area East of Suez. There is also a Navy ad making the rounds in which the announcer intones at the end “The United States Navy: A force for peace.” All those planes lined up on the carrier deck must be there just to demonstrate that it would be naughty to reject the peace terms promoted by Washington. I have to suspect that this is all part of some nefarious attempt to show the kinder, gentler side of our military while also promoting humanitarian interventionism as an appropriate role for America’s armed forces. But I imagine that the U.S. taxpayer is not really interested in footing the large bill to train and equip Marines and sailors just to deliver relief supplies – they are supposed to be for the defense of the realm. And who wants to be a Marine if it means having to be nice to foreigners?