My computer was attacked by malware this morning. If you haven’t experienced it, it is something to see, with wave after wave of hits over the course of a minute or two, a bit like watching a meteor shower up close from the comfort of your own home.  Fortunately, my Kaspersky software was able to isolate the attacks and eventually eliminate them. Most attacks on computers are commercial or profit driven in nature, attempting to obtain information or introduce adware, but an increasing number are malicious.

There are now three distinct computer viruses that have been traced to US and Israeli government labs, with the two governments presumably working together. Resource rich governments can develop viruses that are hard to detect and/or eliminate. Designing viruses to attack Iran’s computer infrastructure is unconscionable as the viruses, once created, can be borrowed and altered by others and will eventually migrate worldwide.  No exaggeration, it is as if the US president believes he has license to attack the entire world. If President Obama is serious about his promotion of cyberwarfare as a defensive measure, which I doubt, he should halt all such programs and also advise his partners in crime the Israelis that creation of new viruses will not be supported or even countenanced by Washington. Of course, that would require both a backbone and a sense of responsibility and leadership that has not been seen in these parts of late.