Today on, Chris Bray pounced on Keynesian scapegoating, Pat Buchanan warned of resurgent ethnonationalisms, and Scott Galupo wondered where all the protest singers went. Samuel Goldman took issue with the NYPD’s utterly ineffective, Muslim-targeting ‘Demographic Unit,’ Rod Dreher reflected on Eve Tushnet’s Weekly Standard piece about volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, and Daniel Larison discussed the illegality of a preemptive attack on Iran.

Phil Giraldi pointed out discrepancies in news coverage of anti-Palestinian violence, and Obama’s mismanagement of Netanyahu concerned Scott McConnell. Noah Millman blamed both parties for Medicare fearmongering, Larison poured cold water on fears of future Chinese hegemony, and noted that Niall Ferguson seems to know even less about foreign policy than he does about the OMB’s report on Obamacare.

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