This week on, Jim Antle pointed out Paul Ryan’s paradoxes, Noah Millman wondered if this election would have any consequences at all, and Jeremy Beer opposed imperial philanthropy. Rod Dreher celebrated Julia Child’s 100th birthday, supported the 9/11 cross, and asked why running a church has to be so difficult. David Cowan made the case for Jack Kemp.

Daniel Larison doubted Paul Ryan’s appeal to young voters and those across the aisle, Kelley Vlahos took issue with Leon Panetta’s taxpayer-funded travel, and Michael Brendan Dougherty eulogized New England Republicanism. Bradley Birzer reviewed a collection of essays inspired by The Road to Serfdom, Noah Millman and Scott Galupo weighed in on the Declaration/secession debate, and Eve Tushnet discussed Ingmar Bergman. Galupo remembered Alexander Hamilton’s bailouts, and defended Paul Ryan but was taken aback by his campaign’s Medicare strategy, while Scott McConnell tracked America’s wussification.