Illustration: Miguel Davilla

This week on, Rod Dreher took on ‘porky’ populists, James P. Pinkerton suggested that we should focus more on health and less on health insurance, and Bill Kauffman considered the less-explored merits of the Mormon faith. Matthew Harwood discussed Gen. Stanley McCrystal’s depraved antics in Afghanistan, Daniel Larson examined Ted Cruz’s foreign policy positions, and Noah Millman challenged the notion that there is some natural order to how a country’s borders should be drawn. Kelley Vlahos flagged a consequential case for domestic drones, and John Glaser added context. Samuel Goldman delved into the paradoxes inherent in punk rock’s counter-cultural connection to far-right politics, Scott Galupo addressed the Sikh Temple shooting and the problems of aesthetic extremism, and Dan McCarthy explained why gun control laws are unlikely to return.

Romney pivoted on health care, and Jennifer Rubin, et al had a meltdown over Robert Zoellick. Meanwhile, the campaign is devolving into a series of useless gaffes. Read Michael Brendan Dougherty and Larison for the latest in veepstakes commentary.