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TAC Digest: August 7

Today at theamericanconservative.com [1], Daniel Larson examined [2] Ted Cruz’s foreign policy positions, Matthew Harwood discussed [3] Gen. Stanley McCrystal’s depraved antics in Afghanistan, and Noah Millman challenged [4] the notion that there is some natural order to how a country’s borders should be drawn. Rod Dreher took on [5] the secularist claim that religions are a priori prone to violence, Scott Galupo addressed [6] the Sikh Temple shooting and the problems of aesthetic extremism, and Philip Giraldi underscored [7] the increasing friction between the demand for new technology and the dwindling level of privacy that accompanies it.

Larison delineated [8] policies Romney could adopt if he weren’t Romney, and Millman thought through [9] election-year tax politics.