As web readers have already seen, Michael Brendan Dougherty has returned to The American Conservative as our national correspondent through the election. In addition to his blogging below, you can also get a double-dose of Michael’s writing in the August issue, which includes his look at the Burkean conservatives who supported Obama in 2008 and may do so again — the Obamacons — and his take on a Cologne court’s ruling against male circumcision.

The August issue also features Rod Dreher on the class-war at the dinner table: “porky populist” outrage against Whole Foods and high-quality (and high-priced) food. David Cowan, meanwhile, urges conservatives to look to Jack Kemp before Ronald Reagan for inspiration and notes Kemp’s keen understanding of the priority of economics over military interventionism. (Kemp opposed the Iraq War.) Brendan O’Neill looks at how Britain is abolishing itself, while Brad Birzer explores the lost tradition of Christian humanism in T.S. Eliot, Russell Kirk, and other great 20th century literary figures. All this, plus Taki, Bill Kauffman, Bill Lind, Pat Buchanan, and reviews by Robert Schlesinger, Jacob Heilbrunn, Jeremy Beer, and much more.

Our cover story, which goes live on the site tonight, sees publisher Ron Unz tackling one of the most controversial topics of today: “Race, IQ, and Wealth.” Has political bias distorted our understanding of how intelligence, genes, and national wealth are related?

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