Martin Kester Koombs saved JFK, and Daniel McCarthy uncovered the myth and reality of GOP radicalism. Eve Tushnet found America’s secret twin, and Scott Galupo decided that Rick Santorum was right about Mitt Romney. Rod Dreher probed the poverty of poor kids’ imaginations, refused┬áto get offended, greeted Higgs Boson, blessed a neighborhood marriage, called Romney a weeble, opposed the education machine, and watched bad television. Daniel Larison avoided Ryanmania, accepted Portman’s lead in the veepstakes, and doubted the Court’s ruling on Obamacare would affect the election.

Tom Englehardt tracked the militarization of diplomacy, and Jordan Bloom evaluated the procedural idiocy of BRAC. Larison criticized patriotic misconceptions, and understood why Romney doesn’t care about the weeds of policy detail. Kelley Vlahos caught up with Julian Assange.