Robert P. Murphy investigated the follies of the modern Greenback movement, and Scott Galupo reviewed Jonah Goldberg’s ideology. Daniel Larison examined ideology in the context of principle and pragmatism. Rod Dreher qualified diversity, finished Greece, vouched for fundamentalist schools, surveyed gay shame, and praised the beaten path. Galupo figured Romney can still win, spotted the most economically illiterate paragraph of the day, and knew what to say about Aaron Sorkin. In a flashback, Noah Millman measured inequality.

William S. Lind inspected the Taliban’s operational art. Larison clarified the Green Lantern Theory, perceived the future deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations under Romney, and wondered if Romney is an out-of-date-clown. Scott McConnell considered the political implications of Rocky Mountain heat, and counted Egypt as a win for Obama. Philip Giraldi asserted that Romney isn’t lying on foreign policy, and Samuel Goldman learned that Germany outlawed Judaism.