Philip Giraldi expected Europe’s turmoil to spur leftist terrorists, and A.K. Molnar reasserted Hungary’s constitutional identity. Daniel Larison assessed the election’s impact on U.S.-Russian relations, viewed threats and allies, rejected the idea that Romney neglects foreign policy debate, cautioned Obama not to be like Putin, could not welcome Huntsman as an “anti-internationalist,” and liked Rand Paul a little more. Scott McConnell smelled National Review‘s fever swamps, and Kelley Vlahos asked if Charles Krauthammer is satisfied with Egypt.

Rod Dreher called James Madison an imperialist, termed Eric Holder the Obama administration’s Alberto Gonzales, sent the mainstream media to hell, laughed at a bad Jesus, accepted the trust deficit, and betrayed his race and class. Jordan Bloom turned on the celestial jukebox, and Scott Galupo rebutted Norquist’s tax lies. Noah Millman planned to leave the country, but Shakesblog did not.