Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett feared Obama’s march to war with Iran, Martin Sieff postponed democracy, and Pat Buchanan harpooned free trade with South Korea. Daniel Larison questioned Romney’s “resolve and strength,” panned Romney’s absurd stance on Russia, defended the moderately successful U.S.-Russian reset, and noticed that Obama’s worst policies are holdovers from Bush. Jordan Bloom anticipated peacekeeping shenanigans in Kuwait, Scott McConnell revealed a neoconservative case for Iranian nukes, and Philip Giraldi had fun with a new West Bank adventure.

Rod Dreher struggled to preserve small towns, asked if families are good for capitalism, studied the devil’s fruit, avoided comboxes during conversion, and thought through unsafe herpetological techniques. Larison presented the extraordinarily weak case for making Pawlenty VP, and reported that Rubio is not being vetted. Noah Millman figured out Chicago, and Scott Galupo remembered the divisive Republican primaries.