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National Review Enters the Swamps

The good news [1] is that there at  least one person in the  National Review universe who understands the whole “sharia threat to America’s judical system”  is the most crazy thing for Americans to be worried about since, well–   I can’t even easily come up with an analogy from real life, since there really was at least somewhat of problem of domestic communism during the McCarthy era.  The threat of subordinating  America to the Pope, through the machinations of Irish immigrants?  Suffice to say that even hard core neocon hawks [2], if they know anything about Islam, find the sharia thing pretty fanciful.

The bad news is that this has become a full-fledged controversy at NRO, and judging by the comments and the other contributors, many or most National Reviewers are ready to follow the very bigoted  David Yerushalmi [3] off into the fever swamps.  Amusing to contemplate what Bill Buckley would have thought of this.  Brookhiser?

This  is worth watching as an indicator about NR and the broader American Right.   When the magazine has been most egregiously wrong, as it was in  plumbing for the Iraq war, one could try to excuse it by pointing to its  deference to a Republican president.  But the sharia campaign was dropped even by Newt Gingrich before his presidential bid began in earnest.

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#1 Comment By ALS84 On June 20, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

Yerushalmi, Andrew McCarthy, Andrew Bostom, and David French vs. Ramesh Ponnuru, Matthew Schmitz, and Matthew Franck. The latter group is obviously more representative of NR as a publication, though perhaps not of NRO’s commenters; of the four, only McCarthy is a regular contributor, and he is often at odds with the editors. So I hardly think this argument is a useful “indicator about NR.”

#2 Comment By Matt On June 20, 2012 @ 3:17 pm

Why shouldn’t Americans be worried about shariah law? Yeah, it’s unlikely to happen in Kansas, but in Dearborn? If we allow Muslims to immigrate and we have any faith at all in democracy, then Muslims can potentially amass in some place and institute it. If you want to avert it, then you have to either dispose of the Muslims or the Democracy. NR prefers the latter, apparently.

#3 Comment By Charlieford On June 20, 2012 @ 4:49 pm

“enters”? As in, this is anything new? Iused to subscribe back in the ’80s, and even then they could crank outsome howlers, but since Jonah and Rich have taken over, the magazine’s simply ridiculous. WFB is spinning like a top.

#4 Comment By Gentleman Engineer On June 20, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

I’m about as worried about shariah as I am about kosher hotdogs. Time for the hysterics to tone it down.

I’m much more concerned about real problems: 12 million illegal immigrants, billions of dollars squandered treacherous allies while Americans are out of work, and the hundreds of thousands of work visas issued every year by our corrupt Congress.

#5 Comment By CapeCodder On June 20, 2012 @ 9:20 pm

NR monitors their comments; only “starred” comments get automatic approval.

Several comments have asked for a response to the David Yerushalmi bigoted postings to no avail. Even Jonah *my panties are always tied in knots* Goldberg says nothing.

Their regular commenters are amazingly racist, bigoted and frothing at the mouth. Dissent is NOT accepted….you get called a ‘liberal’ or even worse (as a Rep. pres. voter in 80-04, that’s a tad much for me!!)

Common sense and pragmatism –two tenets of bi-partisanship– of course have long been missing from their pages, and anything that smacks of those gets one labled a traitor or worse.

Time has long past for Christopher Buckley (Fired by Lowry) to call in his chits and sweep house. I think he still has a leading level of NR stock????

#6 Comment By TomB On June 20, 2012 @ 10:33 pm

It’s stories like this in the NR that argue to me that the stupidity level of the modern American political discourse has gotten so bad that one can hardly enter into it anymore without being embarrassed at being dragged to its level.

A guy named … “Yerushalmi” … at this particular point in time … warning of an Islamic take-over of our legal system?

At a time when you can’t hardly even *find* an arab/moslem guy saying *anything* about *any* public affairs in the U.S.?

And nobody’s talking about the gaggle of jewish, hyper-Israeli partisan guys running around plumping for the U.S. to hate and go to war against all arabs and moslems?

Forget it. We might as well start discussing what weapons one should have in stock for when the Klingons arrive.

How idiotic. How *fucking* idiotic.

#7 Comment By MattSwartz On June 21, 2012 @ 2:46 am

I find it fascinating that they’re projecting their fears about Arab immigration onto the legal system, of all possible places.

The irony is that I bet you could go all around the Corner and take a poll, and I bet you couldn’t find two people who want to cut the number of Arab immigrants we allow in each year. No, it’s just fine that we allow in unprecedented numbers of people who will have a difficult time assimilating, but we should all panic about the idea that once they get here, they’re going to secretly hijack the courts and make them like Saudi courts. Because that’s what everybody (especially people who are leaving) wants: that good old Saudi court system. I’m sure that first thing after they arrive, the new arab immigrants will sign leases, buy computers, and start printing off petitions to legalize the hand-chopping that made them feel so happy in the days of yore.

Words fail.

#8 Comment By Ben, Okla. City On June 21, 2012 @ 10:18 am

“I’m about as worried about shariah as I am about kosher hotdogs.”

My nominee for the AmCon Comment Hall of Fame.