Tom Englehardt considered drone devastation, and Paul Gottfried spotted Jews against Israel. Daniel Larison hammered Romney’s delusion on Iran, chewed over Romney’s position on Israel, opposed a Chinese intervention in Syria, left Egypt to Egyptians, assessed supporters of regime change, puzzled over neo-czarism, and criticized Rand Paul. Scott McConnell stepped over Egypt’s slide to praise Middle East democracy, and Kelley Vlahos reprimanded an aloof think tank.

Jim Antle scrutinized Obama’s new immigration stance. Rod Dreher sympathized with the Greek hard left, and explained why Greece isn’t Florida. Jordan Bloom submitted a modest proposal. Philip Giraldi loathed the bad economy, and called for the president’s impeachment. Scott Galupo realized that movement conservatives are taking advantage of a crisis, and inspected the overly-bound ties of fusionism.

Dreher continued coverage of the generation wars, wanted a rational critique of bestiality, deemed Flannery O’Connor a realist, exposed the New York Times’ bias on gay issues, and noted the Vatican’s discontent. Larison bemoaned the decline of Western Civilizational instruction.