They should know where they come from (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)

Israeli media is reporting the opening of a new fun experience on the West Bank.  “Thrill seeking tourists,” who are mostly American, are being brought in by air conditioned vans to the Caliber 3 shooting range where they are being “taught by settlers how to shoot terrorists.” The Israeli instructors provide a demonstration to simulate the killing of terrorists by guards before shouting commands like “Move it!” and “Destroy that terrorist!” as visitors from the US lock and load.   Forty year old Miami banker Michel Brown tells reporters how he brought his wife and three children to the range to teach them “values…to know where they come from and also feel some action.”  His five year old Tamara started crying but a half our later she holds “a gun and [is] shooting clay bullets like a pro.”

The range is located near the illegal under international law Gush Etzion settlement, which has now become a “hot destination.”  Manager Sharon Gat describes the program as something special, “created due to popular demand.”  Olga Brown, mother of Tamara, enthuses “We heard on the news about shootings in the West Bank.  We came to see it in person.”  Son Jacob explains that the knowledge of how to kill a terrorist and rescue hostages will come in handy back in Miami, “Now when I find myself in distress, I will know how to deal.”  Carjackers beware.