Jim Antle profiled Virgil Goode, Robert P. Murphy admonished the government for its bad borrowing habit, and James P. Pinkerton craved a revival of Hamiltonian economic policy. Dylan Hales explained what Rand Paul’s endorsement means to the base, and Jordan Bloom declared us all reactionaries. Scott Galupo defended Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe, and Samuel Goldman revisited liberal nostalgia.

Chris Bray proclaimed dissent in the armed forces patriotic, Peter Van Buren caught Obama’s leaking illegality, and Pat Buchanan asked if the president will face prosecution. Ed Warner put drones on the couch, Nick Turse spied the Pentagon’s scary global reach, and McCarthy asked how you can actually stop a war. Daniel Larison argued against Syria as the “Spanish Civil War of our time,” and laughed at John Bolton. Giraldi said we have everything to lose from accelerated drone strikes, and Noah Millman  canvassed our allies

Millman questioned Rod Dreher’s discovery of a gay Mormon unicorn, and sought romantic terminology. Dreher almost championed vigilante Texan justice, and accepted a new study on the benefits of traditional marriage, while Noah Millman suggested the limits of consequentialism in the debate.