Robert P. Murphy admonished the government for its bad borrowing habit, and James P. Pinkerton craved a revival of Hamiltonian economic policy. Dylan Hales explained what Rand Paul’s endorsement means to the base, and Jordan Bloom declared us all reactionaries. Rod Dreher responded to Noah Millman on the science of gay marriage, and perceived the financial singularity. Scott Galupo compared U.S.-German economic policies, greeted George Allen, and parsed libertarian binaries. Samuel Goldman studied Jamie Dimon, and Daniel Larison noticed the difference between problems of technology and political culture.

Larison troubled over Paul’s endorsement, advocated for a repeal of Jackson-Vanik, debunked the “leading from behind” myth, determined that Romney’s Russia policy won’t evolve, and graded Obama on foreign policy. Philip Giraldi went to the CIA doctor, and Scott McConnell feared the huddled masses. Millman canvassed our allies, and found something really important.