Jim Antle profiled Virgil Goode, Daniel McCarthy explained why Rand Paul endorsed, and Philip Giraldi found it hard to be charitable over the endorsement. Scott Galupo defended Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe, wondered if Romney would get credit for an Obama economic recovery, and went to Real World, Capitol Hill. Samuel Goldman took issue with Supreme Court polling, and revisited liberal nostalgia. Rod Dreher explored corruption and family structure, wanted bank regulation, and tried to stop a bank run.

Daniel Larison argued against Syria as the “Spanish Civil War of our time,” perused Goode’s record on WMDs, evaluated Liberal Interventionism run amok, and laughed at John Bolton. Kelley Vlahos yawned at Hollywood’s Obama-love, Giraldi said we have everything to lose from accelerated drone strikes, and Scott McConnell detailed Bush’s lingering influence.

Noah Millman questioned Dreher’s discovery of a gay Mormon unicorn, and sought romantic terminology. Dreher found true geek love, scolded the processed food crowd, addressed the question of male responsibility for unborn children, loved summer squash, hated drunk-driving, and disliked Faulkner.