Somehow Walter Pincus’s wise piece on Iranian historical sensibility vis a vis the U.S. got through the matrix at the Washington Post. A key observation, near the bottom.

Iranians in general support their right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to enrich uranium. As Mousavian put it: “Regardless of who is ruling Iran . . . no one would make concession on the rights of Iran for enrichment.”

On sanctions, Mousavian said, “I’m 100 percent sure if even they [the United States and others] go for further crippling sanctions, Iranians, they would not change their nuclear policy. When I say nuclear policy, the core issue is the rights under NPT. This is the core issue. They would not give it up.”


Note as well, Iran has a legal right under the existing nuclear proliferation treaty to enrich uranium. (Israel is a non-signatory to the NPT, so wasn’t in violation when commencing its own clandestine nuclear-weapons program.)

I’ve never met an Iranian of any political stripe who doesn’t support Iran’s right to have a nuclear program. This includes Green supporters, Shah supporters, old monarchist backers, liberals, communists, etc. Probably would help if more Americans knew this.