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TAC Digest: June 7

Jim Antle vetted [1] Rand Paul as VP, Daniel Larison cast doubt [2] on the possibility, and Daniel McCarthy discerned [3] the upsides. Ronald Bailey reviewed [4] government by trial-and-error, and Rod Dreher sniggered [5] at Romney’s wealthy suburban neighborhood’s pissing match. Paul Gottfried assailed [6] libertarians for abusing the fascist pejorative. Scott Galupo thought [7] Obama a centrist caretaker of the Reagan revolution, and Larison nodded [8].

Larison reconciled [9] Greece with Europe, wandered through [10] Marco Rubio’s fantasy world, defended [11] U.S. credibility on Syria, determined [12] that the United States won’t suffer a major blow for not intervening, and sketched [13] the humanitarian crisis caused by the Libyan war. Philip Giraldi could not conceive of [14] a pressing U.S. interest in Syria, and Scott McConnell regretted [15] cyberwar activities against Iran.

Daniel Flynn hailed [16] Ray Bradbury’s local library love. Dreher watched [17] a transit of Venus video, resolved [18] not to marry himself, wondered [19] if we’re in a depression, heard [20] a true theologian’s powerful sermon, and gave thanks for [21] his TAC gig.