Jim Antle vetted Rand Paul as VP, Daniel Larison cast doubt on the possibility, and Daniel McCarthy discerned the upsides. Ronald Bailey reviewed government by trial-and-error, and Rod Dreher sniggered at Romney’s wealthy suburban neighborhood’s pissing match. Paul Gottfried assailed libertarians for abusing the fascist pejorative. Scott Galupo thought Obama a centrist caretaker of the Reagan revolution, and Larison nodded.

Larison reconciled Greece with Europe, wandered through Marco Rubio’s fantasy world, defended U.S. credibility on Syria, determined that the United States won’t suffer a major blow for not intervening, and sketched the humanitarian crisis caused by the Libyan war. Philip Giraldi could not conceive of a pressing U.S. interest in Syria, and Scott McConnell regretted cyberwar activities against Iran.

Daniel Flynn hailed Ray Bradbury’s local library love. Dreher watched a transit of Venus video, resolved not to marry himself, wondered if we’re in a depression, heard a true theologian’s powerful sermon, and gave thanks for his TAC gig.